“I am completely thankful to the Mold Busters service. I live in Eastern Quebec, in an old house. There was black mold around the sinks and counters from bad renovations by the previous owner, who did not disclose the mold problem to me completely. I lived there for five years, and this past summer, I noticed health problems that I could not explain. I was fatigued; I slept badly, and I was nauseous. Finally, my husband had to take me to the hospital because I could not breathe. They said I probably had adult onset asthma. I could not go back into my home, as it made me feel like I was suffocating. I was living with my mother and did not know what I could do. After a month, I was feeling better, did not the puffers, and I could jog around. But I still had no home of my own. I found Mold Busters on the Internet; we ordered a service from their website, and Mold Busters fogged the house completely. At first, when the Teflex solution was applied, I was scared to go in, but when I did, I had none of the previous reactions. The mold was gone. I am so completely grateful to Teflex and Mold Busters. I truly believe that the service has saved my life. I am back in my house, and confident in my health. I sincerely recommend it to everyone. I would recommend Mold Busters service to everyone.”
– Anny Cloggier

The Mold Busters service has improved my respiratory health. “I suffer from adult onset asthma and inviting Mold Busters in my home has proven beneficial to my respiratory health. My breathing is affected by fumes released by harsh chemicals in everyday cleaning products. The Teflex solution left no residual odors. I like it because it is non-toxic and safe to use around my children and pets. Not only does it get rid of mold spores and prevent them from coming back, it also neutralizes the musty, overpowering odor produced by mold and has long-lasting protection.”
– Myra Williams

“My sensitivity to bleach and other poisons led me to call Mold Busters. This service is incredible!
Our story is long and sad, but it is enough to say that we lost our new home of 5 years to black toxic mold. We have had to live in hotels and rentals, and are now waiting to build our own home. Family members were getting sick because of their sensitivity to the bleach in regular cleaning products, so we tried the Mold Busters service. That was just fantastic! We live in our lovely house without any health problems!”
– Paul Ibatson

Within 2 hours the musty stink was gone and has not returned since. “I manage a large apartment complex. Recently I noticed that a large number of apartments smelled like mold. It turned out that 2 out of every 5 apartments had serious problems with mold. We tried all kinds of different cleaning products and bleaches available on the market at that time, but the mold problems continued to persist and grow. Apartments with mold were not possible to rent out. I searched the Internet for a service that could help me with this problem and found Mold Busters. I was happy at how easy it was to communicate with the Mold Busters team, and the results were fantastic. I had four apartments that were vacant and Mold Busters fogged two apartments to begin. It took about two hours in each apartment. Within four hours, the smell was gone and has not returned since. I have never had any success with any other product/service until now.”
– Joel Fox

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