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  1. HeyDudeex says:

    it wasn’t really a fly :L, someone was talking to them behind the screen :L

  2. woooooow Nick was so hot whe he said that he had diabetes

  3. “You have diabetes?”
    “Yeah, Joe, I do, isn’t that crazy?”
    “Oh my goodness, when were you gonna tell us?”
    “I’m just kidding… I knew you have diabetes”

    Wow, I LOVE these boys.

  4. SweeneyToddlover124 says:

    D: I have diabetes too D*:

  5. Koolkat123445 says:

    LMAO!!! they all looked up at the fly at the same time! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  6. 101tigerlilly says:

    I got diabetes too and I wish I didn’t!

  7. Alinasunshine says:

    Nick is soooo cute !!!!!!!!! i love him <3

  8. xoxoDisneySelenaxoxo says:

    nick was so cute in the beginning

  9. sophiejaycullen says:

    oh hey theres a fly! it was vute when they looked up at the same time with the cutest experssions ever

  10. 0:09 !! Look at Joe’s adorable smile!! :D:D

  11. NeverFallingFaster22 says:

    hahaha it looks like kevin is wearing a snuggie. too bad he’s not

  12. princess9397 says:

    That was so cute!

  13. itsadancething150 says:

    haha that so fuuny! i love joe

  14. He dont know how to read for sure

  15. stlcard777 says:

    emma watson is sexy as fuck

  16. bankobandula says:

    U ROCK JOE…!!
    LUV U LIKE HELL….. <3 <3 <3
    n ppl who hate Joe stay AWAY..!!

  17. iluvjoejonas51 says:

    joe jonas is soo cuttee

  18. SnazzyDino says:

    Is Kevin wearing a Snuggie?

  19. hannahlautner24 says:

    “you have diabetes?”
    “yeah, Joe. Isn`t that crazy?”
    “oh my goodness. I`m just kidding.”
    “Yeah I know that.”
    Aww that`s so cute. 🙂

  20. supersmileyhannah says:

    lol everytime im upset i wach these videos……ALL BETTER

  21. nohemi1117 says:

    you are funny nick joe kevin

  22. girlygiggeslol says:

    how doya ask dem questions lyk dah?? xxx

  23. England3234 says:

    He was hilarious when he was like “Soulja Boy”

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