LIVE PERFORMANCE: Don't Rain on My Parade

25 Responses to LIVE PERFORMANCE: Don't Rain on My Parade

  1. wdsDarlin says:

    amazzzing! 😀 *massive applause* Amy

  2. divagirlrn says:


  3. Serramist says:

    good job!!!

  4. atomx71 says:

    Hey that was really great!!! The Rev!

  5. selaina48 says:

    Powerful voice! Beautiful!

  6. margodropshercargo says:

    Very powerful voice. You look fabulous, darlng! Don’t be so critical of yourself. We all love you just the way you are.

  7. slcinoz says:

    You are fabulous!! :)Shannon

  8. mindylcarter says:

    from one singer to another – bravo! Not a missed note did I hear!!

  9. dllars6005 says:

    Love your voice. Everything about you is gorgeous.

  10. earthangel200us says:

    Taunia! Wonderful! You need a record deal! 😀

  11. bobosmomma says:

    it was wonderful!

  12. 1fancynancy says:

    amazing voice. You can sing!!

  13. losinmyself2slow says:

    Taunia, Everytime I hear you sing it makes me smile…you have one amazing, beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing:)~Betty

  14. slmnsongbrd says:

    Amazing job!! you are so talented!!

  15. tammru says:

    Wow, your voice has gotten better, and I didn’t think that was possible! Great job! Tammy from Iowa!

  16. scharcr says:

    Wooooo hoooooo awesome as usual :o). What a gift!!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Carolyn

  17. ilovenavyboyz says:

    Awesome! : )

  18. ssweetstang64 says:


  19. rosymosquera says:

    please do not forget about us when you get that grammy!!!

  20. DeLicioUsRedApple says:

    I love it!!

    ********** ten stars!!

  21. stonesfanatik says:

    Absolutely awesome!

  22. crlyqmagee says:

    you’re fabulous gawgeous

  23. firstbirthday2008 says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

  24. nanciannaj says:

    Amen on the sweater, you are way cuter than that!!LOL!!!

  25. blakkandi says:

    wow you sing to???? Great !!!

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