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  1. There is an excerpt:
    “Cholesterol combines with other fats and substances called lipoproteins to help to carry digested fat through the blood system to the cells where it is needed.”

    From grammatical analysis, what are called lipoproteins, substances or cholesterol which combines with other fats and substances?

  2. abhijitvp says:

    Thank you so much , this is so helpful

  3. leenasalhotra says:

    You are very very good at your stuff. This is really inspiring!

  4. atumsensual says:

    És o MAIOR pá!! 😀

  5. sk443sidk1987 says:

    You make this more interesting with paper and pencil than most instructors with power point slides. Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  6. MisizFrizz says:

    very helpful! thanx!

  7. evanwallman says:

    great descriptive skills

  8. little1intheuk says:

    excellent teaching!!!

  9. docspring says:

    hi,are u a teaching faculty in any medical school?simply superb!wht wonderful diagrams u ve drawn…thanks so much..keep teaching lot of topics n help people

  10. litebug12345 says:

    I started the program with the intention of taking Sterolyn for 90 instead of taking my cholesterol prescription meds. So that is what I’m doing. I have completed the 90 days with Sterolyn and the results are excellent. Total down from 276 to 196. LDL down from 203 to 134.

  11. izzahluvdaus says:

    i have CVR exam tomorrow and this vid saves me~! muah! thanks so much~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is really good, but you need to drink water before you do these. I can hear your tongue sticking to the top of your mouth. Hearing the inside of your mouth is very distracting.

  13. marianiroberto says:

    Really good explanation, excellent diagrams. Just one remark, Lipoprotein Lipase is only found in Endothelial Cells and not adipocytes, in this case in Endothelial cells of capillaries surrounding adipose tissue.

  14. this guy..he comments every vid that mentions lipids. This guy is an invaluable source to med students who CBF listening to geriatric professors.. don’t spoil it please!

  15. LandlordLightSport says:

    Yeah that’s true, perhaps mentioning it in an annotation will save time making a new video.

  16. sonialina86 says:

    thank you soo much! you are a genius, I now understand this, I`m really greatful for this. keep up the good work:) you should become a teacher if ur not.

  17. batatinhos says:

    Tens toda a razão, camarada! A FCML tem um lugar para ti como regente!! ; )

  18. atitghoda says:

    the video is great! just one thing i fail to understand is why would the cholesterol level of LDL be higher than that of VLDL ? because after all LDL is VLDL but with less triglycerides. Technically shouldnt it have the same amount of cholesterol that VLDL had?

  19. leggolandia says:

    To clarify: It is not the excessive amounts of LDL cholesterol that cause atherosclerosis, but the over abundance of LDL particles causing a steep diffusion gradient which migrates particles into the subendothelial space. This is where normal lipid panels measuring cholesterol can be under representative for a patients cardiovascular risk. Many patients with Cardiometabolic risk factors have cholesterol depleted LDL-P causing them to need more of LDL-P to traffic normal LDL cholesterol levels.

  20. chamoodiley says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!! This was great! You clarified it so much better than my prof!

  21. Myleanne14 says:

    Great work my man. superior work!

  22. Celltypewhatkind says:

    thank so much .

  23. borsaniasushant1 says:

    thank you verymuch…

  24. whitedove3002 says:

    and u need to get treated from ADHD

    the vid is so helpful, always found this part confusing very good way of presenting info keep up the good work excellent vid

  25. One thing that was not commented is how the body seperates between newly formed VLDL and LDL since they apparently contain the same apolipoproteins.