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  1. i beg your pardon. what exercise?

  2. LandlordLightSport says:

    Dude, these videos rule. I hope you will keep posting more

  3. LaurenRockxx says:

    i love your videos!! Thank you soooo soooo much!! u are a star!!

  4. fri13amwit says:

    ?Thank you so much. You are the best teacher. I love your drawing and speaking. Your saying ease to understand.

  5. preventivecare says:

    Thank you. I am working on my doctorate in PH, Preventive Care. Therefore I need to know CVD inside and out. The overview series, 1-4, is a great way to brush up on the basics of biochemistry that is integral to CVD. Thanks again.

  6. salvavida08 says:

    Thanks so much. It was a nice review right before the exam!

  7. thanks man i always wondered what LCAT was

  8. mercedesmclaren1 says:

    I made an account to say Thankyou!!

  9. MrHabaswein1 says:

    Was very confusing, THANK YOU!

  10. Bennystallion says:

    You are awesome!! Thanks so much!!

  11. yenamorado says:

    amazing! I saw them all! You guys are born with the gift of teaching! All of my greatest professors through med school have been from india and pakistan. Im guessing you are asian as well…

  12. capricassy says:

    very good videos but where is the apo A and apo B on the chylomicron….it should be on there too…i thought…my lecture book and notecards….wait i think he just explained it…lol

  13. tomatoesforsale says:

    you are awesome. thank you.

  14. chamoodiley says:

    Thanks! This was great!!

  15. halaakkary says:


  16. borsaniasushant1 says:

    great budy.. thanks so much . may god bless you..EXCELLLANT

  17. doctormattsmusings says:

    Your art is amazing, explanations precise and clear, the pace and level of speech is perfect, and the background music is soothing! As has been said before…you are a natural. Thank you for sharing.

  18. clautoffel says:

    Awesome!! I’m learning for my medical exam and this is just what I needed! Keep up with that and thanks for sharing. I wish our profs (in Germany) would be as good as you are.

  19. maheshmacharla says:

    excellant .useful for doctors too