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  1. •Is the process by which proteins are broken down into tripetides and dipeptides
    •Is the process by which triglycerides are digested into fatty acids and monoglyceriodes
    •Is the procees by which chylomicrons are transforted into the llympatic system
    •Is the process by which acidic chime is neutralized
    •Is the process by which big fat drops are broken down into smaller fat droplets
    which one is the answer?> thank you

  2. hyperhighs says:

    Free fatty acids are taken up by adipocytes and so are free glycerols.. otherwise adipocytes won’t be able to assemble triglycerides.

  3. NO you are RIGHT ! remember that adipocytes need 2 things to assemble TG’s: FFA’s AND glycerol PHOSPHATE since they lack the enzyme to phosphorylate the free glycerol what would be the purpose of taking it up? LOL instead they synthesize glyercol PHOSPHATE by glycolysis, which then combines with the FFA’s from CM’s [or VLDL] to make TG

  4. hyperhighs says:

    Sorry for my misunderstanding.. and thank you to ‘eugenemd’ for clarifying it.

  5. busrider85 says:

    Nice video but what about the chylomicrons dumping TG’s into the skeletal muscle? Cardiac muscle?

  6. hyperhighs says:

    Yes you are correct – i did not mention those in these videos because i just wanted to focus on the liver and fat.


  7. Thanks so much, I have never understood this until now! Nice sketches too!

  8. petragadnell says:

    Really good! I have never understood this before, thanks a lot.

  9. noosa2000 says:

    your very good, GOD BLESS YOU

  10. captfalconXX says:

    Very educational ! One of the best in youtube. Awesome rating. Thank again

  11. Very well done. However, you need to drink some water or something before you do these! I can hear your tongue sticking to the top of your mouth when you talk. It’s very distracting.

  12. You are excellent! Thank you!

  13. busrider85 says:

    Hypothetically, eating a low fat diet may cause bile to sediment into stones in the gallbladder( the bile will wait in the gallbladder until a fatty meal comes along). One day the pt will eat a high fat diet and CCK will constrict the stones out.

  14. Thank you so much, this video was much more helpful than any lecture or text I’ve read.

  15. Sirkrauser says:

    haha luv ur drawings (:

  16. Dannygibbo says:

    Brilliant, this is really helpful, thank you!

  17. capricassy says:


  18. homeostasis123 says:

    Clear and Crisp explanation .. btw, whats the music/song playing in the background ? thanks.

  19. You’re great, Thank you!

  20. KawaiiFruit says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! Both part 1 and 2 are EXCELLENT! i’m going to continue part 3 and 4 now.
    Thanks again hyper highs! ^-^

  21. Thank you, I am going to have exam on this topic and your vedios are really helpful!

  22. CoenVerwijs says:

    Hello sir, What you have done for us is great. Thanks you so much. Your explanation is so clear. Go on like this! Coen from The Netherlands (very small country in Europe)

  23. Marieannie2 says:

    Totally awesome!
    Thanks a million.