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  1. xiM Clutch says:

    Saw a really beautiful commercial on TV that was a series of fruits blossoming, one at a time, into another beautiful fruit. The last shot of the commercial, the fruit bloomed/opened up to reveal a yogurt cup. I work for an exotic fruit company and wanted to show my boss that commercial. I dont remember the yogurt brand and I cant find it on youtube. Help?

  2. Arminator says:

    percentage of commissions for commercial aircraft for a sales person.

  3. TazRulesNY says:

    After playing a role in creating the artificial heart, Doctor Jarvik was hired by Pfizer to star in ads for cholesterol-reducing drug Lipitor. It was soon revealed, however, that “Doctor” Jarvik was not a cardiologist and was not even licensed to practice medicine. Furthermore, the ads showed Jarvik on a lake, appearing to be a very accomplished rower, when in fact he does not row at all. Pfizer soon retracted all ads starring the disgraced doctor.

  4. Chasela511 says:

    You should quote AOL, TazRulesNY.

  5. xxcdemon08 says:

    but do youo think he is scary looking??? he gives me the chills

  6. robmeister944 says:

    I think he could do with a heart transplant! Might improve the complexion.
    Am I being mean?!

  7. robmeister944 says:

    “When diet and exercise aren’t enough” I love that slight of mouth right there. They are prescribing this toxicsideeffectathon to everyone, even 8 year old children. Maddness!

  8. hightek669 says:

    He is kinda freaky looking, but he’s very intelligent. I admire him.

  9. hightek669 says:

    I don’t know why I’m so attracted to Lipitor commercials, but they touch me. I like how the people in these videos sound so calm & content. The main I reason I enjoy watching Lipitor commercials is b/c of Dr. Robert Jarvik– I look up to him. Why, I don’t know– just do. His appearance/ look & voice just move me. I look up to doctors, period.

  10. jazyskowski says:

    Amazing, all natural, herbal extract imported by the Ministry of Health in China! Please view my important videos.

  11. yeah, the only reasons diet and excercise arent enough, is cuz PPL DONT DO IT! plus when they do, they reward themselves with a huge cake

  12. mmmmmarcus says:

    “I made the artificial heart, i am l33t.”

    Lol I bet hightek voted for Obama.

  13. litebug12345 says:

    I’m a relatively young-ish guy (35) and was a little freaked when my “bad cholesterol” came up borderline high on my last exam. I didn’t want to go so far as to start taking Rx meds, but I wanted to fix this problem before it got any worse. So Sterolyn seemed ideal, it seemed like a good “happy medium” for me. I like the product and i’m proud to say that my numbers have gone down across the board. I plan to keep taking Sterolyn, so I won’t run into problems down the line.

  14. SymAmineC8H11N says:

    really, i heard something like that before but didn’t realize it. so dispite him not being an active dr. did he even invent an artificial heart??

  15. lucasboden says:

    I heard that he was offered the role of Smeagol/Gollum in the new Hobbit movie.

  16. hightek669 says:

    Um, FYI, I am a female and I sure as hell ain’t no “nigga.” I am white, retard.

  17. 2/3 of cholesterol is produced endogenously and
    1/3 from the diet. Go figure.