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  1. Cupcakerum says:

    Sort of like in naruto shippuden when hinata almost dies and naruto goes crazy. I want it to be sort of like that, someone important to the main character almost dies/dies and the main character goes insane and turn to something or gets a strong power.

  2. MJfanSC2007 says:

    poor dog you just had to eat the dog ps 100=100=====gfb gbbtbdrg

  3. VampireDog12 says:

    meh the fat lady can die but not the cute little puppys!

  4. VampireDog12 says:

    i fanliny got the game fun but hard

  5. diskbox1908 says:

    people who created the game sould of made the lady die not the dogs

  6. popstarduck says:

    not the puppy god jaws i’m glad you died although you did kill the fat lady so i guess your okay but don’t get me in the water

  7. magnadefendr says:

    is this is a free roam game or is strictly levels?

  8. 1AeroForce1 says:

    lol dawg got pwned

  9. ZelqytZaphoryn says:

    Jaws watch what you eat, you don’t know where that fat lady’s been!

  10. PrincessBunny3 says:

    I’ve always wondered where that dog was….
    I’m going to go look for it ^^
    ( I won’t eat it, don’t worry )

  11. crashinator08 says:

    its levels and free roam

  12. MrJhutzley says:

    ok people ae just foating there in ten feet water just sceaming kill me im full of jelly

  13. do they sell it on psp?

  14. 46Pokemonfan says:

    Yes, they do. I have played it on my uncle’s PSP. ^_^

  15. No, only for PS2, XBOX and PC

  16. DepressedWolfSoul says:

    whats this on playstasoin 1 or 2 or xBox?

  17. Firedude960 says:

    1:03 is that jesus coming back

  18. reddogf13 says:

    i know a cheat code to get enough points to buy all upgrades. =] put as your user name: BLOOOOD

  19. raggarlover says:

    woot a game there you eat ppls as a shark is it fun?

  20. MrAwesomness101 says:

    yush it is 😀

  21. aithanjames says:

    you know if you bite off their leg they swim back to shore and crawl away. no joke it true i did it myself.