1. she is my favorite actress, I’m glad to see her help out Type One Diabetes–my dad has had it for sixteen years.

  2. hyenabuttass says:

    Kristen has a lot of fan girls.

  3. tnaimpact says:

    love kristen & im proud of her<333

  4. cococutiecoco says:

    thats awesome! i had diabetes since i was ten and i think its awesome when people want to help for the cure 😀

  5. Twilight4ever1449 says:

    I love her so much!

  6. GeeTheBee104 says:

    she does’nt have DIABETES does she? i know she did in panic room but i ahve never heard of her having it before, or is she just like a representative?

  7. bellabells68 says:

    I love Kristen Stewart.

  8. HanzzMarr says:

    aww i love her so much
    shes always so nervouss 🙂
    love the way shes acts tho!!

  9. Mergina009 says:

    she so cute
    love Kristen <3

  10. deeabee96 says:

    i think its really awesome, what kristen is doing.

  11. she was just there to give a speech an help out with the organization an no she doesnt have DIABETES

  12. UnsuspectingVictim09 says:

    she’s so shy *-* i like her for this! *-*

  13. AmandaSamDotCom says:

    she’s so real. i wish she’d stop smoking because she has such a cool personality!! Go kristen.

  14. megigirly97 says:

    she’s so sincere!! i love kristen!

  15. xChelseaCorpsex says:

    She’s so friggin’ cute ! <3 🙂

  16. melisaaaaz says:

    haha awhh, she looks so nervous.
    kristen, marry me, seriously haha.

  17. nsrsaysalrite says:

    she’s was there for a very short time… kinda weird.. on to the next i guess.. what kind of busy is she really?

  18. AJsupremer says:

    Does this girl ever smile.
    Like, i love kristen and all, but seriously,
    girl you need to smile for a while.

  19. Nusska1987 says:

    its just who she is, she seriouse girl and absolutely unique

  20. labradorazara says:

    She’s so shy,and I like her,She is so down to earth,as does R Pattz…I love u Kristen! go on!

  21. 22kristenstewartfan says:

    shes very shy and awkward ! ;)…but i love she shes so nice!! and shes very talented shes not one of these stupid hollywood bitchys …and shes so damn beautiful!! she have so damn beautiful green eyes!! lover her eyes theyre just amazing!!….

  22. TEAMEDWARD4evr15 says:

    she is so sweet for doing that and it so funny that she cant reach the mic . good job kristen

  23. milickful says:

    i bet she is so funny and smiles with her people i mean with her family and close friends and robert of course…hahahah

  24. OMFG 1:22 I could’ve sworn that was Ellen Page. My heart dropped. But it wasn’t :I

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