Human discovered Herbs in 1000 B. C and researched on them to know for what cause they will be used, this was being an experiment few herbs shown their aggressiveness caused humanly lose. Journey never stopped till today, finally human brain could gain a phenomenal result. Days, months, years, decades and centuries passed for them to conclude and certify, that Herbs will benefit to human in many ways. Later experiments suggested and used herbs for medicines, oils, creams, powders and mixtures are prepared. Fungal, bees, creature oils, few minerals, shells and some parts of animals are also been considered to part of Herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines can be taken in many forms. Infusions are steeping herbs or spices, with parts like leaves and flowers with boiling water for some time. Filtered or unfiltered use this water extracts of spices as herbal remedies. Decoction is boiling roots, bark and hard parts of herbs and spices with water for a long time. Infusion and decoction both are known as herbal teas. Sometimes essential oil of herbs and spices are also used as herbal remedies. Action of herbal remedies may vary from human to human and care should be observed in using it. Always inform your healthcare professional while taking any of the herbal remedies or consuming large quantity of medicinal herbs or spices as medicinal product.

Herbs are doctor for: Anxiety and Depression, Conjunctivitis & Day today Eye Strains, Cold, Cough, Dental Problems, Diabetes, Diarrhea,   Ear Ache, General Debility, Irregular heartbeats, Loss of Appetite, Jaundice, cirrhosis sluggish liver, Cracks in bones, Inflammation and Swelling of muscles, Elevated blood pressure may lead to cardiac, kidney, eyesight problems and lot of other chronic deceases.

Herbals also help to maintain physic, beauty, personal health, female Health, male health, child health, old age health, general health and health cautious. Herbal products are available in many forms like: Natural oils, Aromatherapy oils, health supplements , Weight Loss Products, Herbal teas, female massage creams,  beauty oils and creams, hair oils, skin creams, soaps, Nutritional Food Bars, Sports Nutrition, Skin firming creams and other female related products, cosmetics, Spice herbs and lot of other modern age medicines.

Europeans use herbal medicines as first aid and for chronic deceases also they prefer herbal medicines only, herbal plants are widely available in Philippines. China, India, Germany, part of the Gulf sectors are also known as herbal traders. China, and other European sectors are making good trade in herbal sector, Indian suppliers are in little struggle to map with rest of the world.

Indian herbal sector has to increase the quality and productivity to give healthy competition to rest of world countries. To enhance and develop quality in Indian products, concern authorities need to establish research and development centers. It ‘s been observed that today generation is not much interested into this industry. all kinds of disabilities to be identified and plans to be kept in place.

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