Kaylee's Hope for a Cure

11 Responses to Kaylee's Hope for a Cure

  1. lv2gmbl says:

    I love it!! kim from ivillage

  2. Ginger373 says:

    Great job Kim!
    I’m sorry for Kaylee, I hope she can say she *used to have Diabetes* too!

  3. medfa86 says:

    I truly hope she can say those words and with a very young voice! Great job…..please keep sharing these videos with everyone you know and encourage them to donate-if not money then their voices!

  4. zzz4444446 says:

    Kim– your video rocks!! (Daddy-to-Noah from IVillage).

  5. juancini says:

    Great video. My daughter is also a diabetic, this video says it all.

  6. TeamSammyK says:

    Kim, Love the video! Big hugs to you guys for raising money to help cure our kids!

    Heidi (Mama Belle)

  7. krachdad says:

    Great Job! I hope that all the videos you all are making will finally get through to the people who still don’t know how deadly and heartbreaking this can be.

  8. lazydonkey07 says:

    it is sad how diabetes finds inocent little kids. i was in second grade when i was diagnosed, and im now in the 10th. i hope the cure is found soon. this disease is no vacation on the beach. i have the pump and i have a lot more freedom with it. shots werent as flexible as the pump.

  9. mjckjc says:

    It says that ‘one day I wish my child could say I USE to have diabetes’ not that she doesn’t have it now.. there is no cure for type 1 diabetes.

  10. pserpone says:

    You did such a wonderful job on this video. I am creating a video for my nephew to help raise money for a cure as well. Can you tell me what program(s) did you use for this?

  11. mjckjc says:

    Thank you.. Hopefully a cure isn’t to far away! I used Microsoft movie marker:)

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