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  1. It comes and goes. I’ve been experiencing this for 3 months. And it’s only on my right arm. I feel the urge to bend and stretch my wrist in weird ways all the time to rid of the weird feeling. If I apply pressure to the left of where you take someones pulse (radial pulse) that’s where the weird sensation hurts. And my shoulders also feel numb sometimes. Not completely numb just a sort of uncomfortable out of place feeling. My pinky as well feels weird and hurts when I stretch my wrist sometimes.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?
    I’ve gained over 50 lbs in the past year and I’m not very healthy. I take 100mg of vyvanse everyday as well. It’s a stimulant for ADD.

    Someone help? Could it be a pinched nerve?
    I’m only 18. Can younger people get carpel tunnel? and yes I am on the computer a lot all year for my computer art class.

  2. 3foldutopiandream says:

    you’re looking fantabulous!

  3. BeAuTiFuLCuRvEs says:

    my hands do that too…cant wait until it stops!

  4. YvesMetamorphosis says:

    You are really dropping the weight! When you stood up you can really see your weight loss.
    It shows in your face too. You are so inspiring to me. I can totally relate to living for the future. Seeing you and the progress you have made in such a short period of time has given me hope that someday I too can be happy with my self in the present. I won’t be the dreamer anymore, I will be the dream. 🙂 Yvette

  5. you do look amazing i agree with everyone!

  6. koolkooky59 says:

    I have the same problem with my hands falling asleep. The operation really worked for you? I hope it helps me with it too. Looking Good!!!

  7. massagegoddess says:

    yes, my hands were always falling asleep and they don’t do it at all. I did 4 hours of massage the other day and no pain, no numbness. A miracle!

  8. dreamingangei38 says:

    YOU DONT LOOK LIKE THE SAME PERSON IN YOUR FIREST VIDEO, WOW u r doing so good, i cant waite to get my surgery,, keep up the good work,

  9. massagegoddess says:

    Thanks, I know that I was pretty sad in that first one, not very confident and embarassed to be seen.

  10. itcomputerchick says:

    You are looking so good girl. You are going to be in those pink & green shorts very soon 🙂 You give me hope. I so cannot wait to stop stressing over food and start enjoying life 🙂 hugs, Melissa…PS do you not like me or something just curious as to why you haven’t subscribe to my videos lol 🙂 just teasing ya

  11. massagegoddess says:

    I am so sorry! I have been so busy since the surgery I haven’t watched as many videos as I did before the surgery when I was so hungry for info, I will rectify the oversight!

  12. MetalheadAccousticc says:

    your wearing that shirt you said you didnt yet!! 😀 woot!! you go girl