1. please write your feelings about them here

    haters, lovers, people who dont care
    im offering you to freely expree your opinions right here


    (this should be funny)

    <3 hanna

  2. Elijah luv says:

    i love them SO MUCH!!!!!
    i love their talent
    if you love them tooo
    why do you??
    star if you love the jonas brothers :]
    p.s. im only looking for people who like them not hate them so if you hate them dont answer thank you :]
    and to the people who starred just to get points

  3. heyheyNickJ says:

    he was totally high.

  4. heyheyNickJ says:

    ps- nice chapstick application big rob.

  5. hahaha, he doesn’t look high at all to me.

    i think it looks like he’s looking out for someone he does notttt want to see at all. like paranoid.

    but not high.

    ps. BR looks sexy when he applies chapstick. bahahahaha.

  6. dancergirl5444 says:

    you look insane.
    or your hidding from someone.

  7. melissalovesjonas says:


    are you creepin’?

  8. ohheyvictoria says:


  9. xAlwaysJBx says:

    nick is like in panic at 1:56 , hes like ”omg did he/she see me.. o crap…” lol hes totally hiding from someone

  10. xAlwaysJBx says:

    AHAHAH when i saw big rop i cracked up!!!!! LOl

  11. xAlwaysJBx says:

    ps- at 1:54 to 1:55 you see him looking somewhere then when the camera zooms out he gets back in position. lool

  12. cnellyzboo says:

    He looks like he’s on a sugar high or something.
    Zip zip zip man zip zipz ip

  13. PeaveLoveJonasx3 says:

    wtf is nick doing he looks like he’s ready for someone to come up and kill him from behind

  14. pshbrittx3 says:

    Highhhhhh as a kiteeeeeeee.

  15. extracrazyblonde says:

    stoned nick :]

  16. 101dreamerz101 says:

    lol this is hilarious! haha NICK!!

  17. mmbaybeex0 says:

    nick looks so confusedd
    haha i love him <3

  18. julieherrmann148 says:

    Gosh this lady just keeps pushin them, like when she first gave the mike to Joe i was waiting for him to just be like ‘Umm what do you want me to say now?” right cause he was just kinda like well this is occward

  19. sexualchocolate93 says:

    haha 1:14 big rob putting on chapstick
    nick looks so darling in his bowtie <333

  20. maggie1234987 says:

    aww…i av diabetes, but those guys rock

  21. xD 1.14 Big rob putting on chapstick xD they all look PRUTTY xD

  22. daleeepadelante says:

    subtitulalo plis no se ingles

  23. xocrazii1ox says:

    nick is literally high

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