Jonas Brothers – Lovebug – Kids' Inauguration Concert (1-19-09)

26 Responses to Jonas Brothers – Lovebug – Kids' Inauguration Concert (1-19-09)

  1. Smashing Pumpkins says:

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  2. ilus4321 says:

    i find nick sounds way better then joe. but joes still awesome :). i love the jonas brothers 🙂 and this song

  3. BiBivolleyball says:

    i WAS THERE 🙂

  4. bordommmmmm says:

    i love joe 🙂 <3?

  5. mrsjoejonas8995 says:

    joe is soooo cute!he has an amazing voice and i love this song… so jealous of obama’s kids cause they are friends with jb

  6. iiPandah says:

    Nick seems so smiley in this video! Does anybody else notice that? it is adorable! He looks amazing here also 🙂

  7. kdq4eva says:

    OMG! I Heard It! 😀 He Smiled!!!! Lucky You! I Love The JoBros! 😀

  8. maeeexo says:

    they sound amazing LIVE unlike some other disney star we know… (:

  9. hiyahg07891 says:

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  10. j0br0luva1992 says:

    i luv these boyss
    ppl of all ages can enjoy listening to their music and b their fanss <33 <33 <33

  11. briaeb1995 says:

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  12. JoshleyxoxoLover says:

    yeh he seems like overly smiley nd happy

  13. xxinseparable4jbxx says:

    the beginning sounds angellic. <3

  14. zgirlbrooks101 says:


    LOVE NICK! I wish he’d sing that to me… my broadway/musician jonas brother! (favorite)

  15. lalaxp589 says:

    3:55 to 3:57
    look at joes jeans
    hes so dam hott i wish he were mine

  16. demonxblood says:

    i could’ve went cuz we were in dc, and down the street too, but my mom said no
    thansk 4 posting it tho 🙂

  17. Illbeachef says:

    Michelle Obama likes Love bug 2!!!!
    She was smiling!

  18. kaylafanpire says:

    these boys have some amazing fans!!

  19. JoeJonasLover953 says:

    i love them <3

  20. Disneyfanatic996 says:

    i LUVED the part where nick was singing and laughing and smiling…<3

  21. edenlover69 says:

    they make me breathless i love them

  22. LillCutiePie21 says:

    LoL right when nick started to sing somebody yelled ” YOUR SOOO HOTT! “

  23. ilovedemilovato9999 says:

    @demonxblood aw that sucks!

  24. ceciliaLAblogg says:

    aw so cute (:

  25. lizethify13 says:

    i lova it when nick plays the guitar=)
    oh and hes so hot !!! lol

  26. lizethify13 says:

    lol=) ” your so hot”

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