1. thexbox360player says:

    If you had a CD and you had to pick 10 Jonas Brothers songs what would they be? ONLY FOR JONAS BROTHERS FANS!!! No bad comments from you Jonas Haters!!!

  2. Milliemoocow says:

    I didnt see joe cry what time was it??

  3. MrsNickJonas1213 says:

    then dont watch videos to do w/ them!!! wow

  4. hellogoodbye1714 says:

    im crying!!! you can see his omnipod

  5. converselove45 says:

    if you hate them then dont watch vids about them, duhhrr!

  6. saba24rox says:

    lol ):14 “shut up!”

  7. myshiningdiamond says:

    :'( so sad :/ i luv em’

  8. omg this sooo makes me cry it makes me feel like nick is going to die or something i hate it

  9. no matter how much he goes through every jonas brothers fan will be with him the whole way. the first time i heard this song i cried.and after i herd it i wrote it down on a piece of paper and now i take that paper everywhere with me and when i have it i think of nick,diabetes,and how i have the same thing nick has and i think of how much i love him! Nick is the most inspireing person in the world.

  10. kjjonas4ever says:

    A little bit longer, and I’ll be fine!!
    SHUT UP!

    LOL xD

  11. tear*
    …thats all i have to say

  12. gymstarr35 says:

    hey nick i have diabetes to but u no i no i can get threw it and i no u can to even tho its really hard sometimes.i love u!

  13. stephalii says:

    Yah same here…He Is Really Fighting Hard and that good….We will Help U Nick!!! 😀

  14. hildahilda0108 says:

    15 seconds

  15. pinksparklygirl says:

    i have never had to go through the stuff he or other people like him have to do. but i have a nut allergy and in a way…. it’s like diabetes. you have to check the oil in food and make sure there are no nuts and all this crap. i can’t even eat some cakes because it has almond oil in it sometimes. and kids make fun of me and tell me to go eat a nut and kill myself. in a way… i understand.

    but i will never completley understand. just like the song says.

  16. emilycruz27 says:

    o yess that is so sexy:)
    haha then the little girl laughs like right after.

  17. kimmmmm04 says:

    This song gets me every single time.

    Oh, and LOL @ 4:22 “ARGH SHIT!”

  18. michaelLOVEjackson says:

    i dont really ever see them cry can someone tell me when they cuz in every vid they say they cry but i dont see it and its frustrating so can someone tell me plz thanks!

  19. AmiiLovesJoe says:

    this song is beautyful

  20. lillyluvsJB says:

    aww… this song is so sad!! omg did see kevin put his head down and wip a tear off…. so friggin sad! your in my prayers nick!!

  21. JamieJewl says:

    Oh my God! Did anyone see Kevin Jonas wipe a tear away? Aww… that’s so sad. Also joe looked like he was going to cry too. They kept looking up, so sad. And when took his jacket off, Me and Sammy were screaming so loud my mom came up and was like ” what in the world are two screaming about”, lol.

  22. MusicMan234567 says:

    omg what a puff i have diabetes and it aint that bad that u would cry in front of loads of peope omg

  23. joeismydjdanja says:

    HAHAHA “ARGH SHIT” LMAO!!! This is so sad, i cry everytime ;(

  24. shnobunnie says:

    Man, I can NEVER get enough of Jonas Brothers!! Music i can listen to until i die! lol! Thanks for sharing the vid! If you have time check out another fav band of mine, they have a brand spankin new vid, just search for “Can’t Hate You + Brandon Paris Band”

    Thanks again!!!
    <3 Rachel

  25. XjonasOjonasX says:

    ahhhhh its a sad sad day when an angel cries

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