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  1. I’m a girl and in my early twenties and have IBS and am also a vegetarian. I heard something about how both people with IBS and people who are vegetarian need to take a B12 supplement. Does anyone know anything about this? If this is true, how much should I be taking? I already take a daily multi vitamin for women, is there any other vitamins I should be considering in my situation? Thanks for the help!!

  2. Forsure3333 says:

    I do want to eat healthy, but I don’t want to spend my whole time in the kitchen! Never of this doctor before, but I’m starting to like him more and more.

  3. fuhrmanETL says:

    You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You can set up a regiment of where you cook for one or two days a week and have meals for the week. There’s also quick and easy things to make or even blend up such as fruit sorbets, smoothies, blended salads, etc – eat on the go. His cooking dvd explains a lot of the how to’s in the kitchen, such as cooking up a large pot of soup that can be used for weekly meals. The book Eat To Live explains the lifestyle change.

  4. but his dvd is like 90 dollars~!

  5. fuhrmanETL says:

    his dvd is $19.95, come on. Is $20 worth possibly changing your health for life? What might you pay a week/month for diabetes medication or blood pressure medication?

  6. VUandChips says:

    When they say ketchup, they don’t mean the sugary stuff you buy in a store do they? Wouldn’t tomato concentrate be just as good?

  7. fuhrmanETL says:

    Dr. Fuhrman recommends a ketchup that is low or has no added salt and sugar. Health food stores or larger grocery stores sell ketchup that use vinegars, garlic, and other spices that actually taste better once your taste buds become more sensitive and in tune to what you’re eating.

  8. fuhrmanETL says:

    It’s $19.95. Hardly the cost of by-pass surgery or insulin shots.

  9. Teyiebuns says:

    I would love to buy this DVD, but I can’t find it anywhere in the UK where I am!

  10. fuhrmanETL says:

    This was a recording from a television show. Dr. Fuhrman does have a cooking DVD available off of his website. I believe it is in NTSC format, so I am not sure if that is an issue?

  11. DebbieinNH says:

    I have been eating this way for 5 years and don’t spend that much time in the kitchen. Actually less than I used to. One reason is that clean up is so much easier when you aren’t making greasy foods, browning everything, and cooking with things like cheese that get baked-on or gluey!

  12. I actually got hungry watching this. Off to buy fruits and pumpkin seeds ->