1. kiltakblog says:

    Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy when the woman develops diabetes but loses it affect birth sometimes or when treated. I want to know how adaptation and acclimation play a part.

  2. they should teach about this in skl

  3. Ceofort500 says:

    This is an amazing demonstration. I am drinking the water myself and feel like a new man. You can visit any of my sites and see more information about this.
    Thanks for posting it.

  4. At 40 I can’t believe the energy I now have drinking 1-1.5 gals per day of micro water and my acid reflux is gone too. I work in the heat all day and I can come home now after 8 hrs in the heat and do more work at home…It’s great stuff!!

  5. halleyscomet says:

    You can learn the TRUTH about Kangen water from the Skeptoid podcast episode “Kangen Water: Change Your Water, Change Your Life”

    Check out. it could change your life and save you a LOT of money!

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