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  1. sakyue1993 says:

    What are the potential charges for a felon attempting to purchase a firearm in Wisconsin?

  2. MentallyCryppled says:

    : Suppose you are a student of online mode of education. Write a short report to the controller examination cataloguing all the problems you faced while attempting your paper online. You are required to give suggestions for improvement as well.

  3. it dont matter now im type 1 lol

  4. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    How do you like the deltec cozmo? I just got the minimed a few days ago, but I haven’t started using it yet. Didn’t they discontinue the cozmo?

  5. Sadly, yes, they discontinued the Cozmo! It is a great pump with great feature. We will be having to decide on a new maker in about a year or so. I hope you have great success with your pump start up! I can’t imagine managing diabetes without one now!

  6. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Thanks! Good luck with finding a new pump.

  7. Im sometimes scared to,
    It just don’t work, it’s harder than you think
    your a strong boy !!

  8. princesslolasluv says:

    I always do my sites on my hips/lower stomach but sometimes I psych myself out and need to count “1,2,3” in my head, haha:)

  9. lilmaddysmom says:

    I’ve started an online community for parents and families with kids with Type 1 Diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed at 12 months old (just 6 months ago). I hope you’ll join our network to lend and gain support as well as share information, tips and experiences. maddyshope(DOT)com

  10. hellodawlface says:

    hey i just got my diabetes pump yesterday and ive been diabetic for 10 years. i got nervous just like you and it took me for ever to squuze the button

  11. dolphinjessie1 says:

    wooow welldone you does really hurt on using the pupm … please write back thankyou . rated !

  12. peaceloveandballet says:

    hi! i have a different pump than he’s using in the video but i use the same infusion set. i think it hurts less that when i did shots, but thats just me.. overall the pump has made my life much more convenient, i love it!

  13. @JubJubkiller09
    There is absolutely NOTHING whimpy about diabetes! Your comment is inappropriate.

  14. @dolphinjessie1
    The pump doesn’t hurt. The sights sting a tiny bit once in a while, but not any worse than a poke from a syringe, usually. We have found the pump to be very freeing and much easier to manage than injections.

  15. Royaltyjam says:

    yea dude hes has a good reason to be scared my little sis has type 1 and she has to take the needles so u should shut it

  16. GosselinsRock123626 says:

    yeaa umm thats really not nessacerry 😐

  17. charlieccc15 says:

    yea shut it you dummy

  18. TheSpeedyJet says:

    I agree i am diabetic and have a pump and it can hurt it is very serious stuff and im only 10 ti be saying this !!!!

  19. JubJubkiller09 says:

    @twdobesh yeah there is like the way he made a crap load of noises and i got the omnipod today and i didnt feal anything! whimpy whimpy whimpy! HEAVTY HEAVTY HEAVTY!

  20. JubJubkiller09 says:

    @TheSpeedyJet whimp

  21. I’m glad that your experience with the Omnipod has been great! We are considering the Omnipod for Isaiah. This video was the very first time Isaiah did an infusion set on his own. He also was terrified of needles when he was diagnosed, so this was a huge accomplishment for him. What one person finds easy or wimpy another may find challenging.

  22. dolphinjessie1 says:

    thankyou for commenting back its really helpful …… and guess what i am getting my pump ( pink animas 2020) in two weeks tie so fingers cross it goes well ! 🙂

  23. omnipod is the best pump on the market so you should look into it view my vids!!

  24. Thank you, we will be looking into all the pumping options this summer since Isaiah is due for a new one within the next year. I’ll check your videos out shortly.

  25. TheSpeedyJet says:

    Ha ha i thought the pump hurt first more than shots to LOL But Its ALOT Better Than 4 Needles Aday If Not 5

  26. TheSpeedyJet says:

    @JubJubkiller09 …….. Your A JUB not a JUB Killer Man This Stuff Hurt’s Some Times ….. Even Though Is Sometime’s Use EMLA Cream It Really Help’s !!