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  1. HollisterCrazies says:

    well then..i liked ur nice gesture at the end lol =P

  2. The magic of vinegar…and french fries 🙂

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve had fish, sorry, you just made me hungry 😛

  4. Thanks, my monitor is an acer 😛

  5. ColdChiselRox says:

    LOL Sorry. Now I’m hungry. XD

  6. texastyro says:

    I love vinegar on chopped up cucumbers…mmmm

    You are hilarious! “Why the fuck did you come here?”

  7. ShiznizzleToTheMax says:

    I ran to the kitchen to find some vinegar, and I chugged a whole cup.
    Then I heard you say: “2 tablespoons.”
    I nearly died choking on vinegar..Just because I didn’t hear the end…

  8. Darkjamac04 says:

    Ur vids are so random, but I find myself watching them. U seem to have this intresting effect on people. I want vinegar DAMN IT!

  9. punkkitten63 says:

    I tried the vinegar thing and it was gross but I felt good.

  10. lushgirl1121 says:

    Ahaha I fucking love youu.

  11. drearymoon says:

    The smell/taste of vinegar is trulyhonestlyseriously disgusting.

    I just came here for the lulz.

  12. Jordonification says:

    Apple cider vinegar is better for acne than just plain vinegar. This is by no means a cure but has worked wonders for some people.

  13. insertfunnyusername9 says:

    Sexy computer =D

  14. Sabakukyo says:

    I just came here cuz i´m a youtube junkie…but great vid!

  15. Awsomenerd says:

    Lol. I just came here cuz I wanted to know about vinegar.

  16. here’s a lot of things that vinegar is good for, and there are things we still don’t know whatit does for us. but it is true that it is very healthy…and vinegar on fries??? damn, i thought I was the only one left who does that(i also put mayo on them too, so i guess i’m a strange one). good video =)

  17. Soulsphere001 says:

    I’ve actually mixed vinegar with a little salt, which actually makes it taste a bit better.

  18. DankaloSaysHi says:

    i lve salt and vinegar chips

  19. Soulsphere001 says:

    Yeah, they’re pretty good. Sometimes I also like to make my own from regular chips.

  20. If you hate the taste/smell of vinegar you can take apple cider vinegar pills found at you local market.

  21. goombah111 says:

    then what the FUCK did u come here to watch this video…thank yu 🙂

  22. rockerresident says:

    i drank like 1 cup.. am i gonna die?? no seriously .. i did ,i can’t help it.. once i dip a chip ..i can’t control my self lol..