1. I work out every so often, it has dwindled down from three days a week to once or twice every other week. I’m tired of being small, and I have access to a recreational gym that I used to go to regularly.

    I weight 180-190lbs
    My max bench I think was about 185lbs
    My max squat was around 350-365lbs
    My max curl was 50lbs one set of 3 reps each arm

    I’m not scrawny, my thighs are actually quite big, and I’ve got the traps. But I am lacking in bicep circumference, and core strength. I want to look like Sonny Williams (the boxer) or Taylor Lautner.
    I’ve seen some people say it took them 3-4 years to get their size. I believe it would only take me 3-5 months to reach that. In the one summer I worked out, I had significant gains.

    Could I do it in under 5 months you think?

  2. vierfunfsechs says:

    yeah and I weighed 2 tons half a year ago, loudmouth

  3. sunnywaterfalls says:

    That’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspiring!

  4. sherrosgirl says:

    Thank you for the inspiration.

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