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  1. Heartagramerz says:

    i never remember sub to this before o.o weird…

  2. TruthBeyond says:

    PsycheTruth offers a healthy verity of speakers on their channel, look around I’m sure there’s something you’ll like.

  3. Heartagramerz says:

    im fine im fine… dont need to know much about health… psshh…

  4. guillermo316 says:

    what happens when you gainn 60 pounds over a year?! lolz i let myself go over the summer mostly! n.n

  5. Great video! Great pointers!

    maaan these cookies are good!…

  6. Too bad Coca Cola can’t market a product called “5 gram sugar for a 5 liter body”

  7. zombiehellmonkey says:

    this chick’s pretty hot

  8. soccom8341576 says:

    I tried black coffee at 5 years old and never touched another coffee or caffeine drink ever again.
    It is so unnatural there is no way it can be healthy to any young person.
    Same with syrup, crisps and all the other crap marketing tries to make you eat.
    I got a sugar high when I was at the theme park with other kids and when the crash came, I felt devastated. I don’t eat candy now.

  9. Nutrition by Natalie used to be my favorite series on the channel, but now the torch has been passed to anything by Radhia! I love the way she explains everything at such a basic level that anyone can understand. More Radhia! 🙂

  10. Froastwolf says:

    yeah maybe if youre a Zombie hell monkey

  11. ebutuoy88 says:

    great , easy tounderstand

  12. arismommy2 says:

    FABULOUS information!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I absolutely LOVE your channel!! 😀

  13. MrSymposier says:

    Very interesting video, it contains a lot of information on Hypoglycemia, not only explanations of what is it and its symptoms but also recommendations. There is more information on this disease at Symposier site for physicians interested in this and other medical topics.

  14. vicarious7777 says:

    My blood sugar can be 25 and still function like a normal human being. How is that possible?