1. Trans fats are created through the process of adding HYDROGEN GAS to a liquid oil UNDER EXTREME HEAT AND PRESSURE, which not only turns the oil RANCID, but also produces a substance NOT FOUND IN NATURE. The process CONVERTS the NATURAL ‘CIS’ form of fatty acids to an ALTERED ‘TRANS’ form. Trans fats were created to EXTEND SHELF LIFE and a cheap alternative to the more expensive process of making real butter.

  2. dangerine says:

    Best advice is to check food labels and AVOID ALL foods containing ANY “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” oils.
    Even if the Trans Fat in EACH serving says “0” on the label, it could mean .4grams in each serving. Cookies often have this trick. if the serving size is 2 small cookies and that day you had 8 throughout the day you just ate(from just 1 food) more than the Maximum amount recommended 0-2grams for the ENTIRE DAY!

  3. dangerine says:

    This is a great video that explains all the basics on the toxic Trans-fat!
    Ask your city (and state) officials to ban artificial trans fat from all restaurants/school cafeterias!

  4. astrangleus says:

    I can’t believe how many products still have >1g of transfat in them! Cake ICING, Cookie Dough, Biscuits, Donuts. A deadly combination… studies have demonstrated that transfats cause insulin-resistance in rats. Combining that with sugar and refined starches is a recipe for diabetes.

  5. astrangleus says:

    The process of hydrogenation not only produces transfats, but adds additional hydrogen atoms, making the fat more saturated. Simply heating the oil above 400 degrees F will also create transfats, but will not make the fat any more saturated. 37% of the omega-3 in Canola oil is converted into transfat because it’s heated during processing.

  6. bamatommy says:

    Superb video. Bravo!

  7. easterrhyming says:

    Does anyone know WHY they allow less tan 0.5g of trans fat to be disguised as “0g trans fats” (not saying that all things “0g trans fats” have trans fats in them)? If someone knows can they please tell me? Because that’s just so stupid how they allow companies to LIE about how much trans fat they have.

  8. cailforniawoodpusher says:

    there banning trans fat in cailfornia by 2010, I heard

  9. I recently stopped eating ANYTHING with trans-fats in it. And guess what I’ve found. The food without all the hydrogenated bullshit tastes every bit a good as the food with it. So with that I’d like to “kindly” tell all the restaurants and food companies out there to GET THESE GOOD-FOR-NOTHING TOXINS OUT OF OUR FUCKING FOOD!!!!

  10. Trans fat is not for taste its to increase shelf life

  11. ClassicExampleBand says:

    The American Heart Association. The same AHA that publishes guidelines by directors that receive speaking fees and consulting fees by food and drug companines so they will rubber stamp their products. Don’t believe me? Google Corrupt AHA or Corrupt FDA and find out the truth about drugs, foods, saturated fats, or read Overdosed America by Dr. John Abramson. You will be shocked!

  12. ClassicExampleBand says:

    This docto, although meaning well, is uninformed. He doesn’t realize the corruption and money that our national regulatory agencies are involved in. He doesn’t realize that cholesterol is not your enemy, that saturated fats are acually good for you, and that there is no solid unbiased proof that saturated fats or high cholesterol cause heart disease. Drug and food companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying and paying fees to the FDA and AHA and directly to doctors.

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