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  1. operlambsotee says:

    what happen , to fibres not preocessed
    if the systeem in our comunities dont accept fibres that are not being taken to the system, why buy them or even swallow the rubbish

  2. larry1257 says:

    which 1 is fatter carbs or calories

  3. the order in which the items are labelled indicate how high it is…so for example if sugar is the first item mentioned then sugar is the most prominent component in the food.

  4. rogerdeonarinebissoo says:

    your so beautiful

  5. rogerdeonarinebissoo says:

    your not good for me.
    your to sweet

  6. Deidara532 says:

    expert videos should make a video how to read or how to breath

  7. grapeswithranch says:

    you breath too loud

  8. grapeswithranch says:

    you breath too loud

  9. SOCRATES012 says:

    What a bunch of weirdos on this comment page. Take no notice.

    Thanks for the videos 😀