1. I am reacting (i.e., crippling of feet/ankles) to drugs prescribed for arthritis and urinary track symptoms. My pharmacist said each drug (Ciprofloxicin, Suprax, Dicyclomine…think these are correct spellings or close) are specifically formulated, but reaction is the same. I can’t bear weight or walk without extreme pain, regardless, which makes me think there’s something common in at least these three drugs.

  2. sumwutkunfusd says:

    WHY AM I WATCHIGN THIS! I’m going to die

  3. chessdude67 says:

    Don’t you want to die healthy? 🙂

  4. david1821 says:

    You know some people do care about there health enough to do all this. There’s already alot of crap we do to mess us up. Where simply replacing it with good crap! lol
    You and I are worth it.

  5. Some people have hereditary problems they cant lower it by food alone!

  6. rockcityaudio says:

    man this dude is just a copy of ornish!

  7. foodmatterstv says:

    A new film highlights ways of preventing heart disease naturally. Visit foodmatters[dot]tv

  8. paradigm667 says:

    lower what? Cholesterol? Yes some people do have higher levels of cholesterol and you cannot lower them naturally. BUT YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO. However, what you CAN do naturally, to EVERYONE is use food to heal them and lower their HEART DISEASE risk.

    These are two different things. Cholesterol levels are mildly beneficial in identifying risk of heart disease…that’s it. Just a marker. They don’t cause ANYTHING. Inflammation and glycation and oxidative damage are the culprits.

  9. georgephup says:

    god 1 says 1 thing 1 says another who do ya beleave

  10. litebug12345 says:

    I’m 37 years old, and I’m not ready to define myself as one of those people who are “on cholesterol meds.” I feel like when you start taking prescription cholesterol meds, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the nursing home, and we all know what comes after that. 🙁 My cholesterol needs work, sure, but I’m not ready to step into that world just yet. Sterolyn is like just taking another supplement along with my other vitamins. And it’s really brought my numbers down a lot.

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