1. pastaqueen says:

    Win a $25 gift certificate in the month of June 2008 by embedding this video on your web space. For details, view the video description in the upper right corner.

  2. Absolutely Fabulous!!! So great to tie all those 360 degree pictures together into one string and see the BIG results fast!
    I actually read your blog regularly, Half of Me, and have read your book recently too. Great, humorous writing. What a journey you’ve been on. Kudos to you! Robin K

  3. That is so cool, Jennette. Love it. And I’m so pround of your acccomplishment (and I know it’s sooooo hard).

  4. que grande gorda!, o ex-gorda 😀
    Te felicito, además el video quedo muy copado.

    Congratulations 😀 😛

  5. BotellaPapel says:

    wow, congrats!!!!

  6. fakiesmile says:

    you’re amazing. congrats.

  7. pajarosalvador says:

    pues se le deben haber quedao los pellejos colgones, con lo que sobre que tapice los sillones del salón…

  8. who ever knew spinning in circles did so much

  9. hey pasta hottie! just wanted to tell you how inspiring your journey is and i hope to be where you are sooner than later. i don’t have as much to lose, but getting motivated enough to do something about it has been a real challenge, but i’m trying to use people like you as role models of what i can and SHOULD do (i.e. get off my ass and stop complaining). Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  10. Congratulations on some amazing work, Jennette! Your book is a cover-to-cover delight, and you’re such a witty, honest writer. I’ve been reading – and enjoying – your blog, too. Love this video as well!

  11. 192 pounds is basically me and im 6’3” butt im a skinny 190lbs most people would never guess i weighed that much

  12. DmitriTheWise says:

    yeah, that’s me at 6’1″

  13. SKiTTLEZ112408 says:

    imma spin in circles see if i loose at least 5 pounds lolsz

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