Health means more than just not having a disease or being sick.  The World Health Organization defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Modern societies idea of “Health” has become so twisted that we have started using “Wellness” to describe a state of being without the presence of illness and actual physical well-being.  Prevention is not taking a pill to lower cholesterol to “prevent” heart disease, it is eating right and exercises regularly to prevent your cholesterol from being less than optimum to begin with.
You can think of health as an equation. H = (+)-(-), or Health is what you do FOR your body minus what you do TO your body!  Ask yourself next time you grab a donut or that second slice of cake “is this going to help my body or hurt it?”
What can I do to be healthy and have overall wellness?
1. Eat Well – Natural fresh, healthy foods such as fresh organic fruits and mostly vegetables with small amounts of fresh grass fed meats and fish.  Steer clear from chemicals, preservatives and food with a long shelf life.  If your food doesn’t die after a few days then it isn’t good for you (there are few exceptions like nuts, seeds, etc.)
2. Move Well – movement is life!  Research shows that if your body is not moving the way it should that it starts to deteriorate after 3 days.  This is how arthritis begins, and the effects are often felt later in life.
3. Think Well – a good attitude goes a long way. A positive mental outlook provides increased energy for your day.  A negative attitude has been shown to decrease your immune system function and can lead to chronic pain syndromes.
4. Chiropractic – your spine houses all the circuits in your body.  If your spine isn’t moving properly it can cause sparks in those circuits, leading to muscle, joint and tissue dysfunction and causing you not to move to feel well.  Chiropractic adjustments keep your body working optimally and provide a means for TRUE HEALTH, not just merely the absence of dis-ease.
Many people maintain good oral hygiene, but what about spinal hygiene?  If you think about it we use our spines a lot more than we use our teeth.  Could you survive without your teeth?  Could you survive without your nerves or spine? But when was the last time your “brushed your spine”?  Chiropractic adjustments are what we use to keep your spine and nervous system healthy.  They are very safe, effective, inexpensive and pain free.
So there it is!  Four simple things you need to stay happy and healthy.  Who knew it could be so easy?

Antonio Marotta D.C. is a Clifton Park chiropractor.
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