It is very easy to load on the pounds, but it takes a great deal more work to work them off again. Most of us do not become overjoyed at the idea of spending hours running on a treadmill or lifting weights. You know it is good for you and it will make you feel better, but it is more interesting to sit on the sofa and watch Seinfeld reruns.

The best advice though as far as weight loss goes is that the best technique for losing the pounds is not running miles and miles or bench pressing 200 pounds times infinity repetitions; it is doing some kind of activity that you really enjoy. Life is too short to be spent miserable.

The secret to weight loss is doing an activity that makes you work out, but that you really love, at least three times a week. If you can come up with a few active things that you like to do, then that is even better as you will be able to keep the variety going and keep yourself motivated.

If you are someone that likes to be social and spend time with others, then you should try and convince a friend or a group of friends to start doing some kind of exercise with you. When you work out with others you enjoy the experience a whole lot more, you are more likely to stick with it out of a sense of duty and you will work harder through an innate sense of competitiveness or not wanting to let the other down. Joining some kind of team or putting one together yourself can also be a great physical work out and social event wrapped into one.

If you like to get outside in the fresh air, then make sure that you center your activities around outside sports such as jogging, cycling, hiking, swimming, walking along the beach. A shot of sunshine will give you more energy too from the increased vitamin D levels.

If you have a few kids, then you should try to get down to the park with them a few times a week to play. This is not only a chance to burn off some calories chasing them around, but an important time to bond with them as well as setting a good example to them with exercise.

If you focus on filling your workout schedule with things that you actually really enjoy doing, you are going to see the benefit of all the hard work sooner because you will be motivated to stick with it and do it longer and more often.

Besides the numerous physical benefits and weight loss that will come from exercising regularly, you will also experience a number of emotional benefits too. When you exercise it is a stress reliever, but being with your friends more and doing things that you enjoy is very liberating and can reduce the levels of depression that people experience. So get out your notepad and start brainstorming the kind of things you like to do or would like to try.

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