how to select bariatric surgeon

Morbid obesity is a wide spread problem and a rightly done bariatric surgery is a proper treatment. Surgical procedures vary considerably in complexity and specialized training is needed to perform them. It can lead to severe complications if not done correctly. You can go online, participate in surgery-related forums, discuss with your family doctor and previous patients of potential surgeons to get prior information about your surgeon.

Undergoing surgery is a serious step; you should not take it lightly. You can ask other health professionals to recommend for a specific practitioner. Mostly, patients begin with their primary care doctor. If you are looking for a bariatric surgeon, always make sure he/she is board certified in ‘surgery’ or ‘surgical critical care’. Make sure to check the surgeon’s qualifications and credentials and always consider having a second opinion.

Choose a bariatric surgeon who is communicative and candid about the risks and benefits of surgery and whose programs are based on long-term management and lifelong follow-up. Communication is your first step to check the credentials of your doctor. In case of any complication, you can expect your doctor to inform you first.

Ask your surgeon as many questions as you have in your mind to clarify your doubts. Any legitimate surgeon will not resent open and honest questions before you allow them to perform surgery.

Previous testimonials about your surgeon can also be a valuable asset to assess your doctor. For instance, you may need to know how your surgeon coped with patients of various complications. A chat with other patients can also give you some details about your surgeon.

bariatric surgeon

Checking doctor’s credentials by words of mouth and your own background research will allow you to get the right surgeon. This will save a tremendous amount of time and good amount of money that could have been wasted for nothing.

Using Internet can also be a good way to check your surgeon as most of them have their own websites revealing their credentials and testimonials.

Procedures to check your bariatric surgeon

  1. Get information on the present license status of the surgeon
  2. Investigate if he/she has any criminal record or other complaints against them
  3. Collect information from previous patients
  4. Check the surgeon’s qualification and experience
  5. Check the number of cases the surgeon has performed and the success rate

After you have chosen your surgeon, it is a good idea to compare him with others. This will definitely give you an idea and a right surgeon to serve you.

If you are seriously considering weight loss surgery, get as much information as you can about the procedure, the complications, the success and failure of the procedure and most importantly, about the credential of your surgeon.

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