Obesity is on the increase at an alarming rate in today’s modern society. Millions of people are suffering through being over weight. The diseases that can affect you include blood pressure, diabetes, increased heart beating and pulse beating, breathing problems, asthma alongside other aspects such as anxiety and depression. This occurs only because of the over weight conditions of the modern person. One of the most important crisis’s on the increase is obesity within our children. American child especially are becoming vastly over weight and at such an early age. One of the most alarming reasons for many children being over weight is due to the diet of junk and fast foods. Due to such alarming figures many medical practitioner have assigned specific weight management projects to try to combat against being over weight.

Weight Lose Management – selecting a health trainer

Weight management, the best policy is to join a therapist. The programme starts by the medical advisor assigning a daily task to help in reducing the body’s fats. They would help the over weight person by doing brisk walking, jogging, jumping, track work or gym. That is the early stage of reducing the weight.

Nutritional Usage

The use of proper health foods is the next plan within the weight management course. Normally this would consist of certain foods such as boiled vegetables, white fish, fruits, brown bread, skimmed milk, boiled chicken, soup, beans, cereals, and brown wheat and much more.

Gym as Slim

Exercise is possibly one of the most crucial aspects within the programme. These would normally consist of body building, stretching, up and down movements, chest pressing, etc. These exercises will help to create strength throughout the body and turn the excess weight in to muscle. Therefore such workouts must be adopted according to instructions by the trainer.

Ladies Health Fitness Training

Almost all women are keen on reducing their levels of body fat. They are especially interested in maintaining their figures. Therefore it is exercise, which is paramount for forming and creating the body beautiful. This can be brought on by brisk walking, jogging, jumping, swimming and body training.

Beauty and figurines

In the modern era, there is large competition for beauty and figurines. In this way, both men as well as women are counted into high profiling lists for losing weight. There are various techniques for losing weight, such as gym workouts, running; weight loss pills, diet control etc.

Music therapy

Strangely enough music is another mechanism that can be involved in helping lose weight. Most weight management courses make music compulsory especially in the gym, fitness centers and training clubs. This helps in taking your mind off the workout and making it more enjoyable.

Children’s Diet Plans

Due to computers, games consoles and television it has become a growing concern to parents that their children are going to become overweight as they grow older. Scientists are saying the main reason for children to become obese is through excessive food consumption and not enough exercise. Not only does becoming obese affect the child’s physical performance it also affects their concentration levels making their grades drop. Many schools are trying to combat this problem through introducing healthier dinners and implementing more activities involving exercise.

Psychic Therapy in Weight Lose

Depression is a massive attribute for helping cause obesity. This is becoming more apparent throughout the world. The overall factor of depression accounting for obesity is on the increase with many aspects created through manic, hypo manic, bipolar disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorders and many more. Research has proven that many people who suffer from obesity have also suffered from depression. Scientists have declared the only reason for depression, is the obesity. Therefore, psychologists have constructed a therapy for depressed people; this is brisk walking, jogging, exercising, swimming, entertainment and body building.

Weight Lose During Pregnancy

Birth rates are increasing day by day throughout the world. Many women around the world are dying due to obesity. Therefore Gynecologists have suggested that pregnant women should take more control of their weight. The weight of a pregnant woman is often increased during the time of pregnancy. However this can be reduced by implementing precautionary measures. This includes eating such foods as boiled vegetables, cereal, skimmed milk, fruits and juices, white meat, white fish, boiled eggs etc. Natural water and plenty of it, is another necessity for pregnant women whilst trying to lose weight.

Sex and Drugs as Weight Lose Aids

Last but not least, people are adopting a unique weight lose management programme. It is not the best method, but at the end provides the overall effects of weight lose. This is through the use of smoking, drugs and sexual intercourse. It is estimated by scientists that people are doing such activities to reduce their weight levels. Although sex is an excellent method it is not wise to experiment with drugs or smoking just to try to lose weight.

Ending Remarks

In a nut shell, we can say that obesity has become a major cause of diseases in the twentieth century. Unfortunately millions of people world wide have problems with being overweight. They are adopting the diet chart and therapies, but failing. The reason for obesity is lack of awareness, self discipline and lack of exercise.

Therefore there is a need for counseling about the causes of obesity. That is to educate parents alongside their children. Exercising is a major aspect that should be applied to all our lives. The use of smoking and drugs to lose weight is a very serious matter and must be stopped as early as possible. Even if we struggle with time for exercise just adopting simple techniques such as walking can make the world of difference.

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