To accurately assess the toxicity of fluoride, you need to determine which of the two types pose most risks, the naturally occurring calcium type or the synthetic silica and sodium type. As you can probably guess the silica one is the worst and most prevalent in our water supplies today.

With over 60% of Americans supplied with fluoridated water, and the sheer amount we consume, the long term health risks are very serious.

The toxicity of fluoride in our water has been studied by a team at Harvard and found to cause bone cancer in younger boys, and many other studies have shown it leads to over 10,000 cancer deaths per year.

The synthetic type is a by-product of the aluminum industry and 80% more toxic than the natural calcium one. This is what is mainly added to our supplies and why the risk is increased. It’s simply cheaper for the municipals to buy the waste product cheaply instead of the more expensive natural one.

This type also contains lead, arsenic, uranium and cadmium. All highly toxic substances that can cause cancer, reduced IQ in children, kidney damage, thyroid problems, chromosome damage, brain disorders and bone diseases.

The elderly, people with kidney disorders and diabetics are particularly vulnerable to these problems.

Even the World Health Organization recommends lowering the toxicity of fluoride to improve our overall health, especially as times have changed and many products today contain fluoride and also the major improvements in toothpaste means we can easily get too much.

If you want to avoid this and the other thousands of toxic chemicals in our supplies today like pesticides, prescription drugs, lead and chlorine, then home water filtration is the easiest, most effective and most economical way to have safe, healthy water for you and your family.

With the risk so great and the solution so simple, why take the chance!

The best systems make healthy water affordable and convenient and are recommended by the US EPA.

These are activated carbon block systems and the most effective ones with employ a multi-stage process and ion exchange to remove all the contaminants and leave healthy safe water as it should be.

If your want the problem of the toxicity of fluoride to be a thing of the past, then safeguarding your health with an effective system will help you achieve it.

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