1. sexymami1001 says:

    I wash my hair twice a week so I hardly consider it “dirty”.

  2. accountmaster30001 says:

    what do u do next after u wash it out…do u shampoo and use a regular conditioner…have u tryed leaving the deep conditioner over night

  3. sexymami1001 says:

    After I wash it out, I just spray some leave-in conditioner on it and put a scarf on it so it can dry flat and without the frizz. I’ve left it on overnight before but I just prefer going under the dryer for that 45 minutes so I can get it over with.

  4. hi thank you, for thi video, do you know if instead of sitting under the dryer, we can sleep over night with the conditionaer?

  5. Question. After you deep condition on dry hair, what do you do. I normally wash my hair after wards with Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo, but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do. Do you co wash after you rinse the DC out?

  6. Shaniece601 says:

    how did the silk elements work for your hair?
    how would you compare it to the queen helene?
    how long did you use the silk elements?

  7. sexymami1001 says:

    I know I can but I prefer using the heat so that I can rinse it out and be done with it. I also feel that the heat allows the conditioner to penetrate my hair better.

  8. sexymami1001 says:

    The Silk Elements worked fine but after discovering the Queen Helene, I will never use anything else! My hair is SO much more manageable and healthy! I used the Silk Elements for approx. 6 months.

  9. sexymami1001 says:

    All I do is rinse it out with water and wrap my towel around it. After a few minutes, I add some moisturizer to my ends and pin it up and put my scarf on it until it’s dry, usually not until the next day. My regi is VERY simple but it’s working for me:)

  10. sexymami1001 says:

    LoL @ SUPER conditioner! I hope it’s working for you and if your hair is the same length all this time, it’s due to your hair breaking off at the ends at the same rate that it’s growing out your scalp. Be sure to keep your ends moisturized and sealed with oil to prevent dryness and breakage. (Sorry that I’m JUST seeing this, geesh!)

  11. bababagirl01 says:

    great video! i want to deep condition on dry hair but i have product in my hair? should i maybe cowash one night and deep condition the next night? or what is your advice on it? thanks so much!

  12. sexymami1001 says:

    You could do that if you wanted to but I just add the conditioner to my hair with my moisturizer and oil already in my hair. Doing it this way hasn’t been problematic for me so I continue to do it. You can give it a try and if you feel that you prefer to cowash first, there’s also nothing wrong with that:)

  13. Hi there ,how often do you trim your ends?
    great vid.

  14. thanks. helped me alot. =)

  15. sexymami1001 says:

    You’re welcome! Glad I could help:)

  16. sexymami1001 says:

    I trim my ends, on average, once a year. I’m due for one now but scared somebody gonna get scissor happy again and cut way too much off!

  17. BiNKYnBREEproduction says:

    Hey. I’m only a teenager. And I wash my hair with Pantene relaxed and natural shampoo but then I use organic root stimulator conditioner to deep condition after I wash. But I started co washing like Monday and I co wash with Garnier conditioners, and now my hair has SO much body! But when I deep condition it dosent really give my hair body, but it does leave it moisturized and shiny. I was wondering after I deep condition can I go back and put in a little garnier fructis?? Sorry it’s so long.

  18. sexymami1001 says:

    Hi Binky! It’s perfectly fine to use your Garnier Fructis. I have used another conditioner after I deep condition just to add the fruity smell to my hair. No harm in that, my dear:)

  19. BiNKYnBREEproduction says:

    Oh ok, thank you SO much!

  20. sexymami1001 says:

    @Binky, anytime:)

  21. lovetolearnjamgirl says:

    How often do you relax your hair?

  22. sexymami1001 says:

    Three times a year (every 4 months) but I’m trying to start making it only twice a year. We’ll see how that goes…

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