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Physical activity ( exercise ) done regularly is something people can and should do for a life time. It helps people feel and function better physically and mentally. Older age is not a reason to stop exercising. It fact exercising more important as people age. Older people may have many concerns about exercising. They may think they are too old to start. Older people may worry that they cannot do most exercises. Why exercise? They many answers to that question, for me a man that is 50 plug it the closest thing to the fountain of youth. It improve my health and appearance. I’ll not trying to restore my twentieth or thirtieth but exercise help me keep active and living independently life.

Improve balance and coordination. Balance is the ability for you to maintain equilibrium when you stand, walk or perform any other daily activity, plug exercising boost the immune system, this is important to older people. It help to distinguish the body own cell from foreign substances ( cancer cell-bacteria ) that invade the body.

Become sexier at age 40!

How important exercise is to older obese people

Percentage of older people who are obese, has been increasing during the last few years. People may be obese throughout most of their life or they may become obese late in life. It important to know that a little extra body fat is not necessarily bad for older people. Fat is the way the body stores energy. Some disorders, such as cancer or infections, can increase the body need for energy. How ever too mush body fat is unhealthy for older people as well as for younger people. Health problem increases as weight increases, example, heart disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes…. Try this tip: Eating smart doesn’t mean eating too little. In fact, starvation is proven to be quite counterproductive if your goal is to lose the right kind of pounds. Instead, make sure your pre-workout meals match your plans. If you’re about to lift weights, have some complex carbs beforehand to fuel your workout. If you’re about to do cardio, emphasize the good fat ( olive oil, fatty seafood, etc ) and protein so as to aid the fat burning process and preserve muscle mass. Healthy diet is important as exercising. Healthy diet provides the right number of calories to keep your weight with in the desirable range. You need both a good diet ( check The Food Guide Pyramid ) and exercise, they work together. ( first check with your doctor ).

Find a study that I like to share with you.

A study in The Annals of Internal Medicine found that attempted weight loss was associated with lower mortality.

Rest a lot and exercise to boost immunity

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Study on older people revealed

Study covered various aspects including: weight loss, body fat Exercise and fife expectancy

Obesity can shorten your life. A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that being over weight and obese was associated with significant decrease in life expectancy. The loss in years is a follows:

  • Overweight 40 year old female nonsmokers lost 3.3years
  • Overweight 40 year old male nonsmokers lost 3.1 years
  • Obese 40 year old female nonsmokers lost 7.1 years
  • Obese 40 year old male nonsmokers 6.7 years
  • Obese female smokers lost 13.3 years
  • Obese male smokers lost 13.7 years

Can exercise help? Many studies cite the beneficial effect of exercise for weight reduction. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that regular exercise, such as brisk walking, resulted in reduced weight and body fat in a group of overweight and obese postmenopausal women.

The walking program was of moderate intensity and done for at least 45 minutes, 5days a week for 12 months.

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