For the skeptics, there is medical research to prove certain illness are common in individuals born in particular months of the year. An example is schizophrenia. It is common in persons born in the months of January and February. Astrology really is a science. The revolution of the earth has a profound effect on behavior, mood, sleep and for the sake of this discussion, immune systems. through effective astrology, it possible to lose weight.

It all starts with getting an astrological chart done. Computer programs are very useful in this respect. The next step is understanding the chart, from planet to planet and house to house. There are many books in print to facilitate the chart’s interpretation, as it is a personal issue.

It then becomes easy to apply the necessary measures to attain good health. Astrology describes with immense accuracy the constituent of a person’s makeup particularly the immune system, functional and structural weaknesses. Your star sign may just be an indiciation of health issues to come and healthy healing remedies available through alternative healing practices.

There are many people with hypersensitivity to conventional medication, pollutants as well as environmental and household chemicals. Astrology helps people tell which elements are harmful and avoid them altogether. Astrology has unearthed a variety of healing modalities that are used in conjunction with alternative medicine and alternative healing remedies for those who wish to reduce the chances of side effects and heal naturally.

? Neptune has great influence here. It is a symbol of heightened sensitivity whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

? Taurus and Capricorn suggest bodywork and nutritional or chiropractic therapies.

? The element of water characterized by Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer suggest psychic healing, art therapy and psychotherapy.

? The fire signs of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries respond well to exercise programs like qi gong and t’ai chi.

? Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, the air sings do very well with acupuncture, scheduled rests and yoga as the best ways of recharging their nervous systems. this is vital considering that such peoples systems get over stimulated very easily.

The science is still growing and there is plenty to uncover. Reading widely is a necessity. Like medical dosage, it is important to time treatments. The full moon has an influence on surgery. Its appearance is an indication of hemorrhaging after surgical procedures. Pluto and Mars on the other hand portend quick recovery in addition to swift surgery. Health is a sum of total of mental wellbeing relationship success and physical alertness and bodily fitness. Astrology is the vehicle that brings all these aspects together. It is simple to administer, safe and to an extent, horoscopes are interesting to read and follow on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

As the field of astrology, which is fairly new in regard to scientific research grows, so will the connection between astrological signs and alternative health related treatments. The signs of the stars can be a great indication of future health problems, health concerns and health treatments.

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