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Shared computers can be a breeding ground for germs. A UK microbiologist recently swabbed shared equipment in an office environment and found levels of germs five times higher on the computer keyboards than on the office toilet seats.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a 2007 outbreak of stomach flu that sickened more than 100 children in a Washington D.C elementary school was traced back to a contaminated keyboard shared by the class.

The CDC also says that flu viruses can live on hard objects, such as keyboards, for up to 8 hours, and can be spread when a user touches the keyboard and then his or her eyes, nose or mouth. The average adult touches his or her face 18 times per hour. Routine cleaning of surfaces will stop the virus from spreading.

With the threat of both seasonal and H1N1 flu strains and the upcoming flu season fast approaching, The Computer Club of Sun City Center Florida wanted to take steps to protect its members. This was particularly important given that Sun City Center is an age-restricted community. Its members are aged 55+, and could therefore be at higher risk of complications from the flu.

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The Computer Club of Sun City Center Florida provides both computer classes and an open lab to all of the local residents.

“We want our residents to enjoy the benefits of computers and, because we care about their health and well being, we believe a clean environment should come with the PAGE 2 technology they use,” said Jack Fischer, Director of Communications for The Computer Club at Sun City Center. “Our computer lab supports a large amount of hands-on computing, which means a greater opportunity for the spread of germs. We provide germicidal hand cleaners for use in the lab, but the Kensington keyboards are an added bonus,” said Fischer.

The Computer Club installed 20 Kensington Washable USB/PS2 Keyboards with Antimicrobial Protection. The washable, antimicrobial keyboard is a smart, easy and affordable addition to any community environment where multiple users have access to a shared computer workspace. The antimicrobial material prevents the growth of mold, mildew and fungi. It is also waterproof and washable so it can be run under a tap to remove germs and contamination.

“We were delighted to find out that the Sun City Center Computer Club had implemented the use of our keyboards with antimicrobial protection in an effort to keep members safe and healthy during the flu season and also for year round computer use,” said Christine Dumery, Director, Marketing Communications at Kensington. “Recent statistics on the spread of the H1N1 virus are alarming and while a computer keyboard certainly is not a ‘cure-all’ for the flu, it may be one very effective step that can be utilized in any shared computing environment, from a computer lab, hospital setting or government offices.”

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