1. Jermaine J says:

    I want to perform a spell but I don’t know if I have to use a certain kind of oil or if I can just use any kind of anointing oil just as long as it is used for the spell…or can I just use my own kind of oil like olive oil. Hopefully that makes sense.

  2. it seems the c0nservative goal is to elect anointed GOP planners that they think know all and can plan society better than individuals pursuing their own interest. Have c0nservatives not studied the very bad things that happen with GOP planners are given their way?

  3. Mxyzptlk2009 says:

    Christ changed all that. It is OK to use it now.
    There are 141 references to anointing and 145 to burning incense in the standard Bible.
    The anointing oil used in biblical times contained cannabis. Its a fact. All mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles have cannabinoid receptors throughout their body that work independent of those that govern the heart and breathing which is why cannabis cannot kill you. Also, if you use it in this way, you dont get the high.

  4. bigfatpothead says:

    ironically the Iraqi soldiers are smoking marijuana during battle, and they call it “CALAMUS”

  5. bigfatpothead says:

    When King James ordered the rabbis to translate the bible to his english, they were in a hard place, because the bible says not to tell anyone these ingredients for they are a secret of the preists! so the rabbis had no choice but to mistranslate the hebrew word KANEH BOSM as CALAMUS. thereby changing the main active ingredient. I have personally healed over 150 cases of cancer using just cannabis oil and none of the other ingredients of the holy oil. see the Rick Simpson Story on you tube

  6. I could use some for the arthiritis in my toes.

  7. judderwocky says:

    its not a matter of translation … the ORIGINAL HEBREW word is CANNABISM. Cannabis is native to that region of the world. The sythian word we use today was taken from hebrew. They were definitely using cannabis… calamus was something that english translators not familiar with that region of the world falsely assumed was the same thing.

  8. Please contact me re working with Rick, I do European referrals.

  9. TheCannabisChannel says:

    excellent video.
    Prohibition doesn’t work and we need to end this outrage ASAP.

  10. looks like this helps more than legal medication .. !!!

  11. xxxxdarksidexxxx says:

    actually I had an oil this last week for the first time. I did not feel medicated AT ALL but my knee, felt 100% a feeling I have not had in over 5 years sense my multiple open knee surgeries.


    where can I get more information on making this type of oil for my knee?????


  12. wrinn2332 says:

    i was wondering why you were rubbing his feet.

  13. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    0:57 … Holy Anointing Oil, for further information Google “free anointing”

  14. maciejwrotek says:

    Jack took cannabis for significant part of his life and now he has diabetes. Maybe that is how it was.

  15. I’ve read about this oil being used to cure all kinds of illnesses, does this work for physical injuries also? I ask because recently I have been in a car accident which caused me to have a herniated disc in my upper back and also some neck problems, I’m desperate to find a cure as this is very painful and I dont want to live the rest of my life this way. Would it heal me?

    Smoking it has healed me of many illnesses and helps with the pain, would this cure it for good?

  16. I love it, I’m on the same belief..
    Thanks for sharing..

  17. germanicelt says:

    Just look into Rick Simpsons work with Cannabis oil. Smoking it is the least medicinal way of taking it. If you ingest the raw oil of the Cannabis flower, there is a good chance that it will completely cure you, over some months of course. I have thought about mixing it with a carrier oil to apply externally as I have been living with a chronic problem for almost a year that causes me pain. I’m am serious about trying this now.
    Also look into something called magnesium oil. It works wonders too.

  18. LethalChaos07 says:

    THat is true until Jesus came and freed that from the old law. Before he heals the first person in all the Gospels he tells the man to take the gift that Moses commanded and show the priest. The Gift was the oil.

  19. junglepimp says:

    anointing oil should be apart of everyones life.

    jesus was also known as “the anointed one”

  20. iutubi007 says:

    the fake priests put wine (alchool) in rituals and in the bible (ritual from mythra religion for example) and they hide the holy oil to make monney .I dont beleve The Prince of Peace and love Jeshua was a drunker.If the word Kristos in old greek means the anointed one we must know with what,where and who anoint Him.The answer is The Secret Initiation Of Jesus at Qumran.Let the Lamb and Lion Jah Rastafari Live in Us.One Love and Guidance

  21. shypoetry09 says:

    no smoking it will cause cancer

  22. QuietBuck says:

    shy: Please read the following report.

    Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection
    By Marc Kaufman
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, May 26, 2006; Page A03

    Also look in Strongs for H402 and realize “burn” is included.

  23. cosmic088 says:


  24. Smoking anything will eventually give you cancer, even dried lectuce leaves, It’s not the thc, its the smoke!

  25. WatchinYou22 says:

    I didn’t really listen to what these dudes in this video were saying, but why would I believe anything a guy with a 2 meter long beard says?

  26. buddhistpunk2211 says:

    messiah – the anointed one

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