You’ve been told that high cholesterol levels are associated with the way you eat. More fat you eat, the higher the cholesterol levels are going to be. More eggs you eat, more cholesterol is going to stuck inside your arteries.

Even though you should control your cholesterol intake in your diet, but that is not only diet that causes high cholesterol levels.

In fact, there are two major high cholesterol causes that you can not do anything about it. I am talking about:


If you have high cholesterol written in your DNA from your parents or great-grand parents, you will be more likely to have “stubborn high cholesterol levels”. What I mean by the word stubborn? Well, you will be more prone to high LDL cholesterol and should watch many others aspects of your lifestyle like – diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation program.

Let’s talk about those high cholesterol causes little bit more.

Causes of High Cholesterol – It’s in your heritage…

Obviously you can not do much about this one. You feel like you eat well, exercise and have fairly healthy lifestyle; suddenly you are in a shock when your doctor still measures high LDL cholesterol levels in your blood.

How it can be? I do not eat bad food! I exercise! What can be wrong?

Well, nothing is wrong with you. You just get something from your parents that you did not want.

Family genes play big roles in many human functions. For example heart disease can be inherited.

Skills or talents can be inherited. Therefore nothing is wrong with you.

Basically if you know that your parents have high cholesterol levels, chances are you going to walk in

their shoes as well. Do some research and find out about cholesterol and the connection with your family. If they had any successful cholesterol treatment, the odds are that treatment can be successful for you as well.

Talk to your doctor about your family history of high cholesterol and he might suggest you the best possible solution for you.

Causes of High Cholesterol – Your Age And Gender Has Something To Do With It!

Usually high cholesterol levels are increasing with your age. Many people starting in their forties could experience high cholesterol levels in their blood test.

I believe it can be possible with more sedentary lifestyle, more eating without burning calories. That is why you can see even your people with high cholesterol.

When you are younger then 30 and have cholesterol problems, I would examine your lifestyle choices.

That could be the most possible way in this young age to have high cholesterol. So change your diet, exercise more often and relax!

Also there are reports that women approaching menopause have increased their cholesterol levels. Your hormones are changing and you should be able to regulate them with the help of nutritional supplements or healthy eating habits. Preferably both.

It all comes to trying to experiment and do some changes in your lifestyle. Some changes will help you and some won’t. Once you know what is working for you, go ahead and start implementing them.

That was some insight to those high cholesterol causes you can not do anything about. But what are the other two you can actually play with?

Causes of High Cholesterol – What’s In Your Belly?

You have guessed it. High levels of cholesterol can appear when your belly grows like a pumpkin. It’s not a secret that many Americans are overweight. Many are obese and that alone causes more then just a high cholesterol.

Everything is at stake. Your heart health, your liver, kidneys, lungs and many more organs suffer when you carry the extra weight all day long for many years.

With your busy schedules, taking care of your kids, business and some extra activities you are conditioned by mass media to grab a quick meal in a fast food place. I think it’s convenient, but not in a long run.

That when you start to feel the bad side effects of media promoted fast food restaurants. And there are plenty of great food choices even if you are on the go. I have written couple pages already about low cholesterol diets and low cholesterol recipes. Just visit it at and see yourself.

And even if you grab couple of baby carrots, some almonds and low fat cheese sticks, you will be on your way to a lower cholesterol and healthier, more energetic you.

Causes of High Cholesterol – You Are What You Eat!

Dr. Linus Pauling once stated: “You are what you eat!” Have heard of it? Of course you did. And I am here in your face to tell you that he was right.

You have to realize that like with the computer, the human body reacts the same – garbage in, garbage out.

When you want to prepare meals low in cholesterol follow these simple guidelines. Try to avoid as much as saturated fats as possible. Substitute your oils for unsaturated vegetable oils. I prefer to use low fat cooking spray oils.

Eat more fiber, and whole wheat products. If you are meat lower, always go for skinless chicken breasts, skinless turkey breasts all kinds of fish or even nice lean beef. Try to limit your red

meats to 3 times a week maximum.

And always eat fresh raw fruit and vegetables. You will get more energy without increasing your belly size.

Regular exercise is a must for anybody, not just someone on a diet. All it takes 20 minutes of walk tree times a week and you will notice the great healthy benefits. You see, you do not need to become another Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in great health.

And last tip for today is relax! You can relax with meditation, listening great music, doing yoga or anything that calms you down and you enjoy. When you meditate early in the morning and before you go to sleep, you will notice more about yourself. When you know yourself, you are the master of your life!

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