hey guys

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  1. hellohaze says:

    Well if you think about it 12 lbs. is a lot, if you lost about 1o lbs. a month by this time next year, you’ll have lost 120 lbs, which will put you at about 90 lbs. which is way below your goal weight.
    Just keep up the hard work, I’ve just decided to to start working on my weight loss too, so I’m in it with you!

  2. MzThickness2Fitness says:

    OH man…. i got shocked at the end when you mention me… thanxz sweety…. Cindy is GREAAT… ive watch all her videos and shes a doll.. i never seen her sad unitl her happy birthday mom…. but yeaaa message me we can chat on aim or yahoo… immaw go make a fruit frostie its the only way ill kill the craving 5 icecream with out cheating… p.s. are we sistersssss cuz you we act alot likeeachother…. lol
    by baby sis lol

  3. MzThickness2Fitness says:

    4 icescream***** (corrections)

  4. WeightWatchers4Me says:

    you carry u’r weight really well i would have though u were like 20lbs lighter then u are. when u get to 130lb i think u’r gonna look like 110lbs or something. good luck with everything

  5. WorkOnWellness says:

    You are doing great! Don’t worry the scale will start to change. Good luck with your workout. Wish I had a trainer to kick my butt. 🙂


  6. fatty2slim says:

    Losing weight is hard, I know. 12 pounds is awesome :)You look smaller than 190, you carry your weight well

    Thats good that you can run 45 minutes straight, great accomplishment. Thank you so much for mentioning me 🙂

  7. wendypadro says:

    Hey beautiful, I love watching your videos, you’re just so freakin beautiful, and so nice. Girl, no offense, lol but I wish I had your um… ( . , . ) lol cause I seriously belong to the itty bitty comity and it sucks! lol You’re gorgeous and if your really weigh what your scale is saying, then i’m jealous cause you carry it very well. Keep it up girl, you’re doing awesome!!!

  8. itslindseyy says:

    hahaha ur too funny! everyone has been saying i carry it well,but i dont think i do. i carry most of my weight on my stomach cause of my PCOS,im really not that fat,just my stomach is. my arms and legs/thighs are pretty average.

  9. Veggiechick8 says:

    omg yeah i lose 2 inches and man i think its hard not to lose the weight but inches are good to =]

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