Diabetes is one of the most common diseases afflicting millions of people worldwide. If you are diabetic you have to keep your blood sugar levels under control to keep yourself fit. In this article let us find out some of the symptoms of diabetes and how one can keep diabetes under control by introducing some changes in your daily lifestyle.

Types Of Diabetes
Diabetes is basically of three types namely type 1 diabetes mellitus in which a person is completely insulin dependent, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and gestational diabetes.

There are some early symptoms of diabetes which should not be overlooked. There is sudden loss of weight in type 1 diabetes and increase of weight in type 2 diabetes, also their may be some irritation in the skin, wounds taking longer than normal to heal, swelling in the feet and unknown cuts in the skin as well as increase in appetite are some of the common symptoms of diabetes.

How To Control Diabetes
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes do not panic because if you are willing to fight the disease you can still lead a healthy and normal life. Let us discuss some of the things you can do

Indulge in Physical Activities
You can no longer be a couch potato and relax. You have to always keep yourself indulge and make your body work so that you do not fall prey to obesity. For starters you can start doing yoga or swimming or anything which increases your fitness levels.

Dietary Changes
You have to stop taking sugar in all forms as well as increase the intake of fiber and proteins which can sourced from eating raw fruits and vegetables. You can also take the help of herbs such as salacia oblonga or eurycoma sylvestre which help keep the blood sugar levels in control and make you lead a healthy and stress free life.

Ayurvedic Cures
There are certain remedies in ayurvedic system of medicine which can help in controlling diabetes. The best thing about the use of ayurvedic products that they not only help treat a particular disease but cure the person as a whole making him feel healthier and full of life.

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