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  1. mr flibble says:

    When getting a heart attack for fat and lack of excerise, when a person gets it, how long can a person have it before dying. Like, do you need to get it fixed in minutes, hours, etc.

  2. How do you know if you are having a heart attack or it’s just “Angina” ?

  3. 95ellington says:

    OK, no more McDonalds for me again. ever.

  4. our body tries Everything in its power to heal its self and stay alive but…..
    in the end we choose to kill ourselfs..

    in gonna watch this video dialy to remind me to avoid junk food and exercise

  5. now i am scared! no more triple whoppers for me! 😀

  6. paulhaswidescreen666 says:

    Wow. That’s scary. You can’t reverse the plaque build up, can you? @Sonicku, yes…I will follow you on that. I will watch this video everyday to remind me of all the crap I eat!

  7. i guess a couple of sprints around central park will do.. XD

  8. stephen9200 says:

    I hit trice… the first time I was working alone last shift at the Intenet Cafe the most painful one.. I can’t even move my lift arms and I even tried to punch my chest its really painful.. Thanks God I’m alive. (=

  9. iSkyttens says:

    Fuck now im like trying to “feel” my heart and waiting for an heart attack to start.. rofl.

  10. toffeecrunchx says:

    that really does make me think that healthy eating and exercise is like, really important , although i have no family history of heart attacks, thats not an excuse anymore X

  11. gabi131415 says:

    Ah, I feel like eating an apple now.

  12. kufusonic says:

    No more cheese burgers for me. ROFL
    But a very well do video!

  13. Nice. Very good visuals.

  14. theawesome6842 says:

    oh dear i better lay off the KFC

  15. archiebunkerfan says:

    you know your body best ! I know people over 80 who ate grease like I drink water, they are still among us. I know a lady, who is 70, nothing but health, dead at 72 – 2 days ago.
    I might be wrong, but relax, dont listen tooooooo much to the docs and alike… who wants to live past 80 anyway ?

  16. nextgener8tion says:

    @archiebunkerfan i do XD nah i dont anymore too much sufferin

  17. archiebunkerfan says:

    I have the same problem my friend, I don’t want to suffer and feel the pain so much, I m a chicken like hell ! I fear the hospital instruments, procedures, etc. Good Luck !

  18. fulismilk says:

    damn…my uncle had one yesterday..luckily hes alive

  19. simpsoncheat says:

    wow that was interesting

  20. nextgener8tion says:

    @archiebunkerfan roflol thanks for the info

  21. Can someone talk to me about my heart?, i get irregular heartbeats from time to time and its scaring me, please help

  22. KarenMx17 says:

    I get that too, but that can be caused by some amount of stress, if your not eating properly, depression can also make your heart feel like its skipping a beat or beating to ofter (even when your not running or working out) ..Talk to your doctor.. just to be sure. :o) hope i helped

  23. rcollins305 says:

    Don’t be scared. I have an occasional irregular heartbeat from atrial fibrillation. Sometimes it gets worse when I drink caffeine.

    Go to your doctor to see if he recommends seeing a cardiologist (not a big deal). A cardio doc might ask you to take a stress test on a treadmill or wear a small portable heart monitor to see if they can find evidence of an irregular heartbeat.

    Don’t freak out, but do get it checked. GOOD LUCK!!

  24. fattybekah says:

    i thought i had a heart attack yestrday but i was so tired it hurt so much i fell asleep and i woke upwith the same chest pains and tingy pinky and weak limbs :/ i feel dizzy but it’s moreso the chest being tight than anything