Heart Animation: Coronary Angiography (Cardiac Catheterization)

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  1. imuahawaii808 says:


  2. Panitierre says:

    i give props to doctors.
    i could never do their job.
    way too brutal for me!! O.O’

  3. jcampo01 says:

    This is a clear demonstration of a procedure that I underwent.

  4. idliketobehappy says:

    i was wincing and writhing through the duration of this video. literally, through its ENTIRETY.

  5. miikaa1995 says:

    do we feel anything while the when the wire and the needle stuff thing get into our body??? and how big and long is the needle???

  6. grefaroo2 says:

    Having had this proceedure done 3 weekks ago, including the placement of three stents; I assure you that it isn’t painful, but can be best described as thoroughly uncomfortable; and by far, less invasive than open heart surgery. I was home the following morning and now, three weeks on, am able to light gardenng.

  7. shumilebisma90 says:

    this happend exactly to my dad

  8. Shockthemoonx3 says:

    my dad too.
    oh wait we have the same daddd ;]]]

  9. Shockthemoonx3 says:

    no your half un-conscious & numb.

  10. Shockthemoonx3 says:

    i knoww !

    but thats only for a heart doctor.

    you can always be a childrens doctor.

    thats less brutal lmfao xP

  11. avannu says:


  12. Tunedup81 says:

    this isn’t nearly as bad as one would think, Great video. I had it done when I was 17.. Not for a stent but rather to inspect what was wrong with my heart. This procedure works wonders and isn’t painful.. The hardest part was the post op. Laying on ur back for 6 hours sucked. Not being alowd to move your head much at all.. Pain during wasnt anything worse than a “Shot” and the Flushed feeling was Warm and like a massive Rush haha. =)

  13. gul11and says:

    i dont get it

  14. rickbar123 says:

    i been on the table 3 times

  15. hazemabdulrab says:

    lool mydad too

  16. Bangandurded says:

    my dad had this 2day

  17. HAWI6b says:

    thanx for posting

    very useful

  18. yonymazal says:

    More rafiology exams please! CT Biopsies, flouro guided lumbar punctures/myelograms and arthrograms, etc!

    These images are amazing for training purposes.

  19. play4u62 says:

    i will be doing my second (2) comming this week,all because i did not follow my doctors advice on smoking and diet. as i can remember nt fun so i,ll be changing my ways soon!!!

  20. al3mgame says:

    ???? ???? ?????? ..

  21. donzii78 says:

    is this test have any side effects?

  22. rcollins305 says:

    I had a cardiac catheterization done in 2008, and it was very routine and painless. The only side effect was some mild pain in my upper thigh after the procedure (where the catheter was inserted), and a very large black bruise in the same area. The bruise went away after 2.5 weeks.

    Oh, and everything was normal – no blockages at all. Good luck if you’re going to get one!

  23. Save1HEART says:

    Like to know what is more amazing than this procedure? Non-envasive, less expensive by thousounds of dollars and in less than minutes can give the same results at a 99.67%? BPRO -Healthstats! It is a watch-like device that gets placed on your wrist.Developed in Singapore by Dr. Ting, Currently the “European Standard”, Class II medical device, FDA approved, patented and regulated.

  24. zmanoside says:

    VERY cool video. Thanks.

  25. khankaraj says:


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