Healthy Vegan?

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  1. zakabog says:

    “Where do you get this information…”

    Just about every non vegan health related website. Though some vegan websites make it quite clear that the vegan diet can not be obtained naturally.

  2. Conzillafication says:

    @jay020289 if worse came to worse, i’d probably eat you first, rather than a cow or pig :]

  3. lindaliriel says:

    a good tip is to eat a lot of sesame seeds, they are full of calcium (we veggies need to keep a good level of calcium) and seaweed is good for B12

  4. zakabog says:

    “and seaweed is good for B12”

    Not enough to survive without supplements (i.e. you couldn’t have a natural vegan diet.)

  5. lindaliriel says:

    hey if one wants to use supplements too what’s the harm? Soymilk is often enriched with b12. One good thing progress has done…

    there would be b12 in plants (that’s where the animals get it) but it is on the outer layer, which we are forced to wash off nowdays
    Oh and the quantity of b12 one needs is grossly exaggerated by some

  6. OMGitsSeppie says:

    supplements are good, but personally i think it doesn’t mean than they should replace a nutritious diet. make sure they’re vegan supplements!

  7. zakabog says:

    “hey if one wants to use supplements too what’s the harm?”

    Supplements are fine, I take supplements, my point is that if your diet requires supplements then it’s not natural.

    “(that’s where the animals get it)”

    No, it’s not, true herbivores produce it in their stomachs (well bacteria in their stomachs produce it.)

  8. lindaliriel says:

    who cares if it’s natural or not?
    personally I’ve always thought people where born omnivores, but can do well if not better veg!
    The fact that something is not “natural” doesn’t make it bad!
    That argument was (and still is) used against other things, like homosexuality, and that shows just how useless a point it can be.
    I never said it was a “natural diet”, I don’t care if it is or not, as long as I’m healthy (which I am, touch wood), and I’m not killing any animals, I’m happy

  9. zakabog says:

    “The fact that something is not “natural” doesn’t make it bad!”

    No, it doesn’t make it bad, but my point was never that veganism is bad, my point is that it’s not natural. And I don’t mean not “natural” as in not “normal”, I mean not natural as in if you were thrown into the wilderness and had to survive on what you would find in nature, you (as a human) would die trying to live on a vegan diet.

    “like homosexuality”

    …homosexuality is natural (found in nature.)

  10. lindaliriel says:

    I would still not eat meat if in the wild, that’s MY choice
    I didn’t say homosexuality ‘s not natural! I said “That argument was (and still is) used against other things, like homosexuality” i.e: people say that it is against nature so it’s bad. that is not my view on homosexuality, it is an example of how nature isn’t always the best way to measure the rightness of something.
    I never said that veganism is natural, i was very clear in saying that I DON’T CARE if it’s natural or not!

  11. zakabog says:

    “I would still not eat meat if in the wild, that’s MY choice”

    That’s fine, my point is only that you’d die.

    As far as homosexuality I was showing you the difference between the two arguments. Homosexuality is actually natural, it happens in nature. When people say homosexuality is unnatural they’re implying that it’s not normal. That’s not what I’m saying about veganism. I’m saying that veganism is literally unnatural. Humans can’t survive in the wild without meat.

  12. lindaliriel says:

    it’s not like you die in a week, you can go for a long time without b12 (unless you’re pregnant, that’s bad for the baby)
    Anyays it’s a good thing I DON’T have to live in the wilderness and can afford to be veg. Not being in the wild, there’s no real excuse for earting meat nowdays, i think

  13. emilytodd28 says:

    Oh shut up you stupid bitch I love meat yum yum yum and steak that bleeds when you cut it. You cant even give a good fight as you are probably too weak to do so due to lack of vitamins. Meat is there for a reason and always has been read up on your history. Your body needs meat.

  14. zakabog says:

    No you don’t have to live in the wilderness but you still seem to be skimming around the only point I’m trying to make, it’s not natural. And while you don’t have to live in the wild, people in poor countries don’t have the luxury of living on supplements and enriched foods.

  15. atdawnwewagedwar says:

    vitamins cause more harm than good. know your facts, not what you’ve read on the internet. but wait, isn’t everything you read on the internet true?

  16. lindaliriel says:

    I’m not skimming around it, I’ve never said it’s natural, I simply say i think it can be very healthy and I don’t care if it’s natural or not. I decided to go veg for the animals, anything else is just trimming

  17. j1g2w3 says:

    So much respect to you for making this video. Keep on standing strong and peaceful against the hatred and anger. Great message thank you so much.

  18. ReneeArnold says:

    this was pretty lame.. but nice try

  19. choicesdefineus says:

    @atdawnwewagedwar whoa man, what are you talking about ?

  20. FreeTheMooMoos says:

    To all the people below me who are blabbing about eating meat, you came to the WRONG VIDEO.

  21. caelestis356 says:

    Do you need a hug or something? Mommy not hold you enough when you were a baby?

  22. emilytodd28 says:

    Why dont you talk about something interesting then maybe you might have more than 1 person subscribing to you and you might even seem sligtly interesting if thats at all possible.

  23. caelestis356 says:

    why would I care if someone subscribes to me? I don’t even make videos…

  24. gartner10112 says:

    healthy vegan? can anyone say oxymoron?????????

  25. PlayGurlParty says:

    Soy PRODUCTS are not NOT healthy. They are processed w/ chemicals that can cause bad side effects to you body, Natural non processed soy is however ok

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