Health is functionally defined as the absence of illness or sickness. It is your ability to cope with day to day activities by staying fit and restoring well-being. It is a broader concept which is directly connected to the survival of fittest. It is basically a state of equilibrium between energy and matter in the body.

According to World Health Organization, Health is defined as ‘ a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and doesn’t consist only of absence of disease or infirmilty’

Phases of health:

There are two phases of health: Physical health and Mental Health. Physical health deals with body condition. There are several things which need to keep in mind for developing a good physical health like regular physical exercise, a good balance diet including all nutritious contents, proper rest and sufficient nourishment. While the emotional part as well as psychological condition is attributed to your mental health. Cognitive capacity of an individual is also taken into account. It is vital for you to keep your body in best shape by paying more attention to the physical and mental state as by doing this you are trying to prolong you life expectancy indirectly.

Determinants of Health

Human biology, environmental science, lifestyle, self-care are four major determinants of the health. Human biology is also known as primate biology and it deals with studying the in and out of human body. The environmental science is about examining the various components of the environment which comprise of substance, chemical and natural things. Lifestyle is also the determining factor of the individual’s health as it takes into consideration complete personality, principles of life and the way of living. Self care is about taking wise decision with respect to health matters of your body. It can include health restoration as well as health maintenance.

Health Maintenance:

It is found that maintaining health and restoration through medical treatment is a gradual and continuous process. Some of those factors which help in proper maintenance of human health are:

Nutrition: It is vital to have sufficient nutritious content in your body. Intake of proteins, vitamins, fibre, carbohydrate etc is essential for having a healthy life. Stress Management: Stress is defines as the mental imbalance caused by the internal or external stimulus. The more of stress, deteriorates your health in a major way. Exercise: More of physical exercise helps you to reduce extra pound in the body by burning the fat. Hygiene: It deals with taking proper care of your body by maintaining it clean in order to avoid sickness or epidemic diseases. Sports Nutrition: It is the study of correlation of dietary supplements with sports activities. Its main objective to keep check on glycogen levels along with proper optimization of muscle tone and energy. Public Health: It refers to study of near by places to have safe and clean environment to the people of the community.


It is really crucial for an individual to be health conscious. The person should be fully aware of activities to take proper care of his priceless body. Health education is aiming at encouraging conscientiousness by helping people to assess their current lifestyle and mental health which are vital for health. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to take special care of physical and mental state of the body which helps you in combating diseases. Keeping a check on the determinants of health would surely help in the long run. For instance, self care talks about the disciplined way of living a life which would help in better survival for extended period. You need to keep an eye on the factors which play major role in staying fit and healthy. Some of them are presence of nutrition level in the body, public health, hygiene issues, regular exercise and proper maintenance of stress.

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