Irregular timings, being always on the move, erratic eating habits, no breaks, lots of commuting, digestive disorders…

These are just few of the typical problems that a person with a job on the move will face. When you travel most days in the city or outside, with no routine in your working hours then your health goes for the toss.

Here are some tips for you to make sure your health doesn’t suffer just because you are out, travelling most of the time.

  While travelling

Small stretches: While travelling you can do small stretches. Like if you are travelling by planes then you can carry walk briskly through the terminals while you are waiting for the flight. While on the plane you can get up after every hour to stretch and walk. In a train you can walk through the boogies, get up stretch your arms and legs, and in a car you can give your hands, arms and your legs a stretch when you stop for tea and snacks breaks.

Catch some zzzzs:  You are travelling back to back without much break. So why not use the travelling time to rest and sleep rather than fretting and worrying about the deals and the meetings. This sleep will give your body a much needed break.

Reach early: Make sure you reach your destination well before your scheduled meeting or conference. This will give your body a change to get rid of the jet lag and you can probably get some rest and adapt to the climate. When you do this you will notice that you will be fresher and have more time to get organized and be ready for the meetings.

Carry water: We can hardly survive without drinking water in a day, yet many of us avoid carrying water with us when we travel to different places. Depending on others or unreliable sources of water isn’t very wise either. So, carry a bottle of water whenever you are travelling no matter how heavy your luggage is.  In choosing a packaged water to drink from, choose a good company and check that it is unopened. It is better to be safe than regret later.

Take climate into consideration: If you stay in a place which is hot and humid and assume it will be the same where you want to go to, then you are leaving too much to chance. Carry warm clothes like jackets and shawls so that you are prepared for a sudden drop in temperature. Also for a rise in the temperature, carry lighter clothes as well as umbrellas and sunscreen when you are going.

Bring some entertainment: if you are travelling without any company then the journey will seem to be more tedious. So carry something that entertains you like a music player and some books or magazines.

Dry snacks: You might have assumed that since you are travelling you are going to eat outside food. But wait a minute, do you think you have the time to eat whatever comes and then fall sick? No, right then take some along with you some healthy dry snacks like thelpas, khakra’s, kurmura and kellogg’s which last long and are nutritious too.

When you reach

Nuts and Dry fruits: When you are out most of the time and shuffling between travel, meetings and work, you tend to neglect your eating habits and either starve or binge on unhealthy foods. While travelling or between meetings keep peanuts and dry fruits handy. Munch on them; they will prevent you from starving at one point of time and then over eating during meals.

Choose wisely: There are numerous choices available for eating, what you choose makes the difference. When there are options between heavy and light lunches, opt for a smaller and lighter meal like sandwiches with lots of veggies, these will make sure that you will not feel sleepy when out and that you don’t get acid reflux due to spicy food.To read more about Health, when out for work

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