We’ve all heard things from friends or family about what is the best way to get healthy fast.
These Health Myths will clear the air on a few of some regularly heard myths.

Health Myth #1:You’ll know if you are having a heart attack.

Not always. Only half of those who’ve suffered from a heart attack felt a symptom. That means that the other half never felt any symptom, or didn’t recognize it. There are several signs most common to a heart attack:

chest discomfort (pressure, squeezing, or fullness)
shortness of breath
cold sweat
discomfort in upper body (arm, back, neck, jaw, or shoulder)
sudden extreme fatigue (without lack of sleep)

Because the heart’s nerves don’t feel pain directly, symptoms can be unpredictable.

Health Myth #2: Pampering can speed recovery from back pain.

False. You know if you’ve ever strained your back that the pain is intense. In fact, if you rated it on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 99! Experiencing back pain is excruciatingly painful and makes it difficult to even walk without great uncomfort. The best medicine seems like a day of bedrest where you’re propped up on pillows. Ringing your bell to have your honey bring you ice packs, ibuprofen, and put on the latest movie. However this is a bad idea. Your sweetheart may feel like they are being kind by offering all this attention, but you really need to move around. In order to recover from that back strain, you need to stay as active as possible, strengthening the back muscles. Staying in bed for two or three days slows your recuperation. Walking is best.

Health Myth #3: Blood in the toilet means cancer.

False. You probably do not have cancer, especially if it is a small amount. Of course it is always wise to check with your Dr. Typically a small drop of bright red blood is a sign of hemorrhoids, and it only takes one drop to taint the whole bowl red. There are over the counter tests that can be done at home to check for even microscopic amounts of blood, just ask the pharmacist. Don’t panic, but do check it out with your medical professional to be safe.

Health Myth #4: You can really eliminate a problem area by doing specific exericses.

False again. If you have a flabby belly, and want to get rid of it, a bunch of crunches will not make your bulge disappear. Unfortunately that’s not how the body works. In order to reduce any problem areas, an overall workout is necessary. Do not expect crunches or squats to spot reduce those extra rolls – although it will tone muscle.

Health Myth #5: Men can drink more than women.

True. Because men have an enzyme that metabolizes more of the alcohol before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. Women don’t have as much of this specific enzyme and also don’t have as much water in their bodies. This extra water men contain in their bodies also helps decreases blood-alcohol levels drink for drink.

Good health and fitness are not just a trend but a way of life.

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