Tejas got a call from his mom; from her panicked voice he got an idea that something was terribly wrong at home. Soon after he got to know that his dad met with an accident at home injuring his hip. Tejas works in Mumbai and now has to rush home to Nasik where his parents are residing. Tejas’s dad is in the hospital and has to be operated as his hip joint is completely damaged.

Tejas is in big trouble as he is worried about the huge expense that is required for the surgery. Somehow with relatives and friends help he managed to gather the money for the surgery after two days. Soon his dad was discharged home and Tejas realized that he made a mistake of not having a health insurance policy for his parents. If he would have had insurance for his parents, he would not have had to borrow from others.

Tejas immediately rectified his mistake by getting insurance for his parents. You can avoid a similar situation like Tejas, if you insure your parents with health insurance.

What does Health Insurance do?

Health insurance is an insurance that covers your medical expenditure. Life is not predictable and uncertain events can occur anywhere and anytime. In such times, if a person is secured with health insurance he will get the timely medical treatment and also does n’t have to worry about the huge expense which is required for the treatment. It is always safe to secure your health, no matter of your age!

Why is Health insurance a must for your parents?

Your parents were there with you in all walks of life. They sat next to you when you were down with fever and also ran behind to when you were playing. They took care of you so that you don’t fall and face any kind of difficulties. But what are you doing in return? The best way to secure your parents against the future health problems is buying a health insurance policy for them.

But, why do we need health insurance for our parents?

Rising Medical Costs: The medical costs are rising with alarming rate with the advancement of science and technology. Even when you are down with cold and cough you have to spend hundreds of rupees to consult a doctor. Then think about the major health crisis which can arise anytime in old age. During such times, health insurance can always help you and avert the pressure of making dent in your pocket.

Affordability: You make think that my parents are always fit and hearty. Why should they buy health insurance for themselves? How much ever fit and healthy they are but one thing you cannot be sure is of the uncertainty which might knock your doors and ruin your life. The high medical costs make it difficult even for rich person to empty his savings. If you have a health insurance for your parents and in future if they suffer from any major disease then with the help health insurance you can treat them without spending a penny of yours.

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