What’s the difference between health and wellness, health is defined as the absense of disease. Wellness means that you are financially secure, emotionally balanced and satisfied in every  aspect of your life. It also means taking responsibility for your health while you are still able to. Health care should really be called ” sick care”.There is a mesage of hope that can touch millions of people in the coming yr. 96% of people lay awake at night worring about two things there health and finances. How will i deal with my current debt. How can i deal with my familys health.We can answer that.Fruits and vegetables do not contain the same nutrient value as they did 50 years ago.For example, in 1951 two peaches  were recommended daily,today you would have to eat almost 53 peaches to  get the same nutrient value. Most people do not eat the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables required to stay healthy. There are so many choices in ”supplements” available on the market today,but are they natural and are they safe. Will they be effective,and are they of the highest quality inqredients available. We at ”mannatech” have a 6 month satisfaction quarantee if you are not satisfied return the product for full refund.We have 45 patents worldwide our ”ambrotose” alone is worlds first dietary supplements based on aloe vera gel plants. We have one of best weight loss products on the  market today.You can choose to simply purchase the products or you can collectively take it to the next level and build your own business.Extra income! Who wouldn’t want that.     






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