One of the culprits in the failure of the business is the ineffective and inefficient worker. There are many reason s why employees cannot function well. One of which is their health. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the health of the employee. Whatever they are, employers have the responsibility to see to it that they hire not just competent but healthy employees. They must make ways to develop healthy individuals in their business environment. Even if an individual employee has a hereditary disease, the company should ensure that it did not trigger the emerging of the hereditary disease. Stress or unhealthy environment is some of the triggering factor. To avoid such trigger, the company should know how to develop a healthy and safe business environment. If it cannot pin point a triggering factor, Or if it does not know how to make a healthy and safe environment, then they need to call on health and safety consultancy.


The Role of the Health and Safety Consultant


The health and safety consultancy is a process of determining the hazards or the triggering effect of employee’s deterioration of health. It cannot be denied that some work has risks to health and safety. For this basic fact, it is important that employers or business owner must minimize such risk. It is then the work of the health and safety consultant to determine such risk.


The risks are determined by assessment of the current working environment or business environment of the company. In the health and safety consultancy of the company, the results of the assessment will be presented. From the assessment, the health and safety consultant will evaluate the changes needed based on the know-how and tools of the consultant.


The assessment will be the basis of the changes. There are many changes that can possibly be tackled in the organization. One is the change in policy. For instance, it may be found out that the company has ineffective employees. Based on studies and assessment, it was found out that some of the employees are using drugs or alcohols in the workplace. This will trigger a policy that before hiring, there should be drug and alcohol screening test. This is one example of a change or additional policy resulting from the assessment. The health and safety consultant will suggest it.


Because the health and safety consultancy will affect the organization and how it operates, it is important that business owners employ health and safety consultant that is reliable and expert on the field. The change should be reasonable and favorable.


There are many consultants that focus on the health and safety of the employees. One of the companies is Proactive Health & Safety. Proactive Health & Safety is a company that is concerned with the employee’s welfare. It is also concerned about what clients think. Because of this motivation business can rely on their services so they ca have effective employees, loyal clients and overall successful business operation.  


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