There are two components to the diet program that includes HCG. Dr. Simeons ?? diet is the other part of the equation. It is true that this diet is an extremely low 500 calorie diet that under normal circumstances would lead to death by starvation. Keep in mind however that it has been scientifically developed over a number of years to work with HCG injections in order to keep you healthy and maintain a normal level of energy and metabolism, despite the small amount of calories being ingested.

What Dr. Simeons ?? Discovered

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was an English physician who specialized in the study of endocrinology. Between 1930 and 1949, Dr. Simeons worked with patients with dysfunctional thyroid glands. This thyroid disorder had caused his patients to become morbidly obese.

He also had an opportunity to work with pregnant mothers suffering from malnutrition. His research with both kinds of patients revealed that HCG (produced by pregnant women) had a positive effect on obese patients, helping them with weight loss issues. Eventually, Dr. Simeons came to some significant conclusions.

Unnatural Diet and Eating Patterns

Like their closest genetic relatives, the chimpanzee, humans are normally browsers. Rather than eating large meals at set times, we should be nibbling small amounts over the course of the day.

In addition, many of the foods we eat today, such as grains and dairy products, are foods that our digestive systems were not designed for. The ideal diet would consist of foods that would have been available to use in the environment in which we evolved: tree fruit, tubers, nuts, and periodically, eggs, meat and/or fish or wild bird meat.

Agriculture not only changed our diet, it changed our eating patterns. Instead of nibbling, we were forced to literally “binge” at widely spaced intervals in order to meet the scheduled labor demands of farming. Excess calories eaten at one sitting wound up getting stored as adipose, or belly and hip fat.

Energy-Rich, But Unavailable

Normally, when calories are reduced, the body starts feeding on muscle tissue first, then the visceral fat that lubricates and protects our internal organs, saving nutrient-rich adipose as a last resort. This is why people on restricted-calorie diets normally weaken and die.

However, HCG, Dr. Simeons’ Diet and following the protocols carefully changes the equation, making adipose readily available. This supplies the nutrient rich calories that would otherwise be missing in a 500-calorie diet.

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