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  1. melissacarl2002 says:

    I’ve been off sugar for 2 weeks because of your video. I used to drink only Mountain Dew.

  2. arnufidice says:

    yep. DMT really makes u trip.

  3. who els thinks she is hot

  4. AppleSouffle says:

    Oooohhh! I’ve read a great deal about nutrition, but this is the first I’ve heard that the pancreas will produce more insulin because the body is expecting a load of sugar with the next meal.

    That is very good to know! It helps explain why people become addicted to sugar. There was another video that showed an experiment with rats eating sugar. Their brains produced opiods! So the rats were literally, biochemically addicted to sugar!

    Rats and humans have similar biochemistries.

  5. trogdorburningator says:

    topic: how does teh body store fat? let’s say you’re very hungry and consume 400 calories at lunch. does your body use all 400 of those calories as they’re metabolized or does it use maybe 200 of those calories at the moment and store 200 as fat and use those over the next 4 hours before your next meal?

  6. aboss115music says:

    What is your definition of refined? Mine is polished bread, polished pasta, polished rice, etc; sucrose, brown sugar, molasses, HFCS, CS, (basically any synthetic sugar added to foods) I only use agave nectar and maple syrup. I wish I had a sugarcane plant because real cane is actually good in moderation.
    I wish it was ONLY diabetes. Addiction to simple carbs is destroying the bacteria that has a symbiotic relationship in your intestine(by lack of B vits) that help digest gluten, hence Celiacs.

  7. TwilightSleep says:

    It should also be noted that the amount of sugar present in modern corn is excessively higher than what was present at the time Europeans first started colonizing the New World, due to selective breeding.

  8. Im gettin a sugar high just by watching you. So beautiful.

  9. smgalvan04 says:

    Okay, I had to pause the video to make this comment…why do you put pictures of sugary foods in the background? It’s killing me! I crave sugar bad enough as it is. It’s like having advertisements for crisp cool beer on the wall of a room holding an AA meeting!!

  10. wintersara says:

    I have basetball practise everyday anf I eat a balanced diet but still I have this extra fat around my belly, is the only way I can get rid of it to eat less food?

  11. AceTracer says:

    What interests me is that attractive young lady. I would like to request more of her.

  12. gherritvanrimsen says:

    lol true brother lol

  13. Rocky1990 says:

    lmao noone cars what she is talking about!?

  14. ncfwhitetigress says:

    it’s possible that eating less would cause your body to hoard the fat even more. i’d talk to a doctor about it.

  15. just eat fruits they have fructose which gets digested properly unlike refined sugar that gets stored as fat right away.if your diabetic you shouldn’t even take in any sugar or carbs. oh and people saying that a high carb diet is bad is because they either are never active or just are on a special diet to lose weight. CARBS is a source of ENERGY if you DONT use THAT ENERGY of course you gain weight because you dont burn it through exercise and workingout.

  16. not really you are talking about your metabolism crashing but that can be stopped by eating less (about 100-500 calories below your intake) and always exercise to keep your metabolism up. I went low on calories (About 1000 a day) and kept my metabolism high by exercising everyday. although i dont reccomend it.

  17. Eat less saturated fat or no fat at all (look for food labels) and also run ALOT i have lost all the fat from my body by just running everyday about 2-4 miles.

  18. that can be avoided. this is why carbs can be good or bad for you. if your an athlete then carbs are a MUST but if you dont do shit then avoid carbs and sugar. i eat a crap load of whole wheat and i still havnt gained a pound for years.

  19. Yes its called an insulin spike that is also why people get fat stored from eating sugar. this can be avoided by not eating refined sugar and eat some other desert like fruits which contain fructose which must be digested thus is alot more nutritional for the colons.

  20. I agree there is sugar in amost everything in america that is why i choose fiber rich foods and fruits,veggies as a source of food.

  21. if you’re feeling weak it can be your body getting used to changes but the more important question are you physically active? that is needed to know because people who do physical activity and dont get enough protein or carbs eventually get fatigued faster and could even faint.

  22. Its ok to eat potatoes as long as you watch how many of them you eat and keep track of your caloric intake. you coud eat one for lunch but remember to keep track of the calories of foods you eaten. potatoes have around 200 kcals which isnt too bad but remember to balance everything you eat.

  23. crystalsky84 says:

    I’ve heard that eating potatoes with skin on (make sure you clean them well) also helps bring the glycemic index way down. Now that’s usually the only way I’ll eat them.

  24. killlagger468 says:

    i would agree but it so hard to eat thos foods in our modern society. most of the time i dont have time or energy to come home and cook a fiber rich food or make a salad. so i have to get something on the go. blaahhkk

    thus this is where America gets its fat ass. we have to work work work, and meet the budget or we wont have a stove to cook on.