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  1. freshrose23 says:

    thats alot of product don’t you think?

  2. actually most black hair care takes a lot more than others &most of the videos i’ve seen do things similar to what i do but this wasn’t really a recommendation 4 every1 but a video i made for a subscriber.
    but if you want to do something similar u mite want to use:
    – 1 moisturizing shampoo
    – 1 reconstructing conditioner
    – 1 leavin of choice
    – & a glossing serum
    Its the same thing that i did only i added a leavin special for split ends & scalp. but the choices above should give similar results.

  3. Wow Kenietha, you gave us alot of information to rely on. See why I sy your videos are great. Once I sign on I get excited cuz Im Like ” Oh yea she made another video” lol weird ..i kno but great video & advice =] =] have a great day…oh n I know your hair loves you!! lol

  4. lol thanks! i’ve been getting great feedback in both comments and emails today and i know that i’ve been slacking a lil with my videos but i just did a nail tutorial that should be posted soon (u know how editing goes) and i just got a request to do a video about myself on the more personal level so stay tuned and it’ll be here soon enough.
    thanks 4 wathing ;p

  5. no girl, it is not weid thats how i am when i see her videos and not only that just to anyone that i am subscribed to that has detailed way of showing and expressing things,lol. Have a good day

  6. dang girl, your hair dried in ten minutes that is extremely quick and your hair looks nice too. I used to use profectiv and it used to work wonders but i dont know why i stoped becus it was very light to use too and not heavy. great video. very infromative

  7. yeah i love profectiv. y would u stop?! loli dont plan to change from profectiv anytime soon.

  8. This is a good video. Your regimen is similar to mine, or I should say the one I have just gotten started on my hair. I wanted 2 no, do you put your leave in conditioner in your hair everyday or just like twice a week?

  9. i only put my leavin’s in once a week, when i do my whole regimen. the rest of the week i only use some hair sheen. adding too much more than that just causes product buildup and u wont get that movement that you would without it.

  10. where do u buy the profective root health because i cant find it anywhere no more

  11. Your gonna take an eye out ^^

  12. lol…no eyes. but when i’m really tired i have been known to prick a finger or two ;p

  13. SexyEyez89 says:

    how much did the soft bonnet dryer cost?

  14. SexyEyez89 says:

    oh and where did you get it ? (the Ion soft dryer) its hard to find online.

  15. $10 at biglots but its been discontinued. there are other kinds but they normally run about $30

  16. both of ur questions are answered above =)

  17. dmckin4054 says:

    Just wondering, does the Silk Elements foam wrap lotion leave your hair feeling hard? I’ve been on the hunt for a foam wrap lotion and I’ve been thinking about this one.

  18. actually it really didn’t =) i liked it even better than the proclaim although its not bad either, the silk elements was ten times better

  19. dmckin4054 says:

    Yay! Then I’m gonna go ahead and get it on Friday. Thanks so much 🙂

  20. cokolishus says:

    Thanks for directing me to this video. Funny thing is I have just about all the products you used as leave ins but I had been using them on dry hair.I am going to try them on wet hair now to see if I get better results. Where are you getting the Garnier Length and Strength serum? Seems like they only carrier the Sleek and Shine Serum in stores now. Thanks, you’ve been a great help!

  21. yeah i used to use it but i ran out of it and now they dont sell it anymore. the main important thing i feel makes the most difference in my hair is probably the biosilk silk therapy serum to get that smooth shiny look.

  22. BabeePikin says:

    I’ve taken your advice and gotten the profectiv products.

  23. I LOVE PROFECTIV!! i would love to be a profectiv model ;p lol good luck

  24. u put alot of diffrent products in your hair for one process..but hey if it works for you go head